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Reseller:  FAQs

This is a directory of our resellers most frequently asked questions.  If you do not see your question or if you require more assistance please call our office between 8:00am and 5:00PM EST toll free at 866-357-0841 (Local 561-283-0333) or send us an email at register@oltraining.com.

Q1.  Who can be a Reseller?

    Anyone interested in running a website dedicated to selling professional courses in fields such as insurance, real estate, marketing, education, corporate training, etc.. Resellers can sell other products and services that are not affiliated or associated with OLT or OLT products.

Q2. Who can't be a Reseller?

     This program is not available to anyonecurrently employed by, nor otherwise affiliated with, a company or college that already has a relationship with OLT.

Q3. How will I get a paid?

     Resellers are paid on the 26th of every month by check when their monthly purchase order is sent out.

Q4.   How is my pay determined?

     Your earnings as a reseller are determined by the Reseller contract that you signed at the beginning of your relationship with OLT.

Q5.  What happens if a student requests a course refund from OLT for a course purchased through a reseller?

     Resellers are not paid for any courses that are refunded.   Students requesting a refund have to meet either the reseller's or OLT's requirements for receiving the refund.  If the student's refund request is approved their money will be refunded to them minus a $25.00 processing fee.

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