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How-To: Enable Cookies

In order to smoothly move through your OLT course you will need to enable the cookie MoodleSession.  For convenience we also provide the cookie MOODLEID that enables your browser to remember your username. On this page we provide basic directions for four (4) common browsers. If the instructions don't work for you it is probably because you have a different version of the same browser.  If you require more assistance please call our office Monday-Friday between 8:00am and 5:00PM EST toll free at 866-357-0841 (Local 561-283-0333) or send us an email at support@oltraining.com.

For Firefox

you must click the Firefox menu button in the upper left hand of your desktop and choose preferences.  From here select the Privacy panel.  Set Firefox will: to use custom settings for history, after this step you will have to check mark accept cookies from sites to enable cookies.

In Safari

click preferences in the upper left hand of the desktop.  From here click on Privacy, in the “Block cookies and other website data” section, specify that Safari should “Block cookies from third parties and advertisers”.

In Internet Explorer

select the tools button, and then click Internet Options.  From there click the privacy tab, and move the slider to a position between the top and bottom so you are not blocking or allowing all cookies. Click sites, in the address of website box, type www.oltraining.com and then click allow.  After selecting the website you wish to allow cookies for click OK.

In Google Chrome

click on the Chrome menu icon, next select settings. Near the bottom of the page click show advanced settings, in the privacy section click on content settings. To enable cookies, select allow local data to be set. Click done to save.

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Hurricane season reminds us of the need for Adjusters. If you are interested in becoming one, or already have your adjuster license and need CE, we have several courses you might be interested in. Click on any of the following courses to read more!

Florida Designation (pre-licensing) course (exempts 6-20 adjusters from state exam):

INS013FL40 Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation Course (3-20 (T31-20), 5-20 and 6-20)

Florida Adjuster CE courses:

INSCE024FL8b 5-hour Law & Ethics Update Course for Adjusters (6-20)

INSCE025 5hr Law and Ethics for 3-20 Public Adjuster (3-20) 

INSCE029 Ethics in the Industry for 3-20 Adjusters (3-20)

The following CE courses are good for any agent or adjuster in Florida (except public adjuster):

INSCE008FL2 CE Hurricanes and Their Impact on Insurance (2 hours)

INSCE007FL3 CE Flood Insurance Concepts Course (3 hours) 

INSCE010FL3 CE Flood Insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) (3 hours) 

(We also have versions of the Flood and Hurricanes courses available in other states. Go to http://www.oltraining.com/catalog/index.php to see what is available for your state.)


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