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Fee Schedule, OnLine Training, Inc.

OLT does not work on speculation.

The first hour of consulting is at no cost to the client. If the client chooses to consult with OLT for more than one hour, the billing begins with the second hour.

OnLine Training, Inc. maintains two work schedule fee rates. The first is for one-time short duration projects. The second is for extended efforts - long term - ongoing efforts. Long term efforts, by their nature, evolve over time.

Long term contracts are based on estimates and require that 50% be paid at the beginning of the work, and final payment be made at the completion of the work. Work is billable, weekly. The 50% pre-payment may be waved normally contingent on who referred a client to OLT.

 Type of Service  Short term Minimums  Long Term Minimums  Minimum Billable Hrs
 Consulting, Dr. Redding  $ 250.00   $125.00  2 hours
 Consulting, Staff  $ 125.00   $ 39.95  2 hours
 Web Domain registration  $ 40.00   $ 40.00  as required
 Web site design  $ 60.00   $ 39.95  as scheduled
 Web site optimizing  $ 60.00   $ 39.95  as scheduled
 Graphics design (logos)  $ 80.00   $ 39.95  as scheduled
 Network Design  $125.00   $ 39.95  as required
 Audio encoding  $135.00   $ 39.95  as required 
 Audio digitizing  $ 95.00   $ 39.95  as required
 Audio Live Stream  $200.00   $100.00  3 hrs/25 seats
 Video encoding  $270.00   $ 70.00  as required
 Video digitizing  $125.00   $ 55.00  as required
 Video Live Stream  $390.00   $200.00  3 hr/25 seats
 PowerPoint Streaming  $350.00   $250.00  per presentation

Long term contracts that are canceled before 30 hours of work have been billed and paid - will revert to the Short term fees schedule. Additional services can be scheduled as required.

Late Charges for accounts more then 30 days past due.
 Past Due  Finance Charge
 30 days  10% of the unpaid balance
 60 days  20% of the unpaid balance
 90 days  30% of the unpaid balance

After 90 days, unpaid balances will be referred to collections.

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