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Alternative High School
Alternative School Program

Increasingly, OLT has been contacted by parents and high school age students seeking an alternative path towards high school completion. Additionally, OLT has been contacted by organizations and school systems interested in the possibility of using OLT's online basic adult education GED preparation series as a foundation for an alternative school program.

Basic education development is under the leadership of James L. Harned, Ph.D. OLT's basic education concept calls for providing basic education opportunities community by community world wide. Dr. Harned specializes in distance education and educational programs for adults and teenagers who are seeking to complete highschool or earn their GED.

OLT's Alternative School Program will focus specifically on the near adult student seeking a method of completing high school. OLT is interested in developing programs with school systems to deliver basic education in the form of alternative schools via the internet. OLT's concept calls for using state certified teachers to conduct high school level courses online.

Collaborative efforts and pilot studies can be conducted to evaluate this technology and its usefulness in supportive alternative school solutions.

Today you can continue your education online!

An increasing number of colleges are offering complete degree programs online. OLT has even added an online technical institute for those who wish to certify their knowledge and qualify for work in a particular career field!

The new GED Examination is here. Study with OLT and be prepared to pass the GED Examination. If you began the testing process prior to 2002 and did not complete it, you will need to begin at the beginning with the first test again.

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