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Reasoning Through Language ArtsReasoning Through Language Arts (RLA)
– This course will teach you both writing and reading skills. First, this course will teach you to comprehend and interpret workplace and academic reading selections and to apply those interpretations to new contexts. The questions ask you to understand, apply, analyze, and synthesize information that you are given in the reading selections.

You will be exposed to all forms of literature. You will be trained on how to interpret what you have read in popular literature, classical literature, and commentary written about literature, music, fine arts, poetry, and drama. The purpose of this section is to help you become a discerning reader on these subjects. You will learn how to analyze style and structure elements in selected passages.

Then, you will learn the elements of standard English, sentence structure, and pronoun usage. A composition of approximately 250 words is also required.

You will practice application of new information to a situation, and appreciate quality in art, and literature. You will have the opportunity to learn the difference between sentence fragments and complete sentences. You will learn pronoun usage, basic spelling rules, and punctuation. You will learn paragraph structure and the four types of writing; narrative, descriptive, informative, and persuasive. Upon satisfactory completion of this portion of the course, you should be able to successfully pass the final for the course and perform acceptably on the (RLA) portion of the GED test.

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MathematicsMathematics - This course reviews and teaches basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics skills. By the time you have completed this course, you will be prepared to pass the GED Math test.

This section will help you develop high school graduate level skills in arithmetic, including fractions, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, percentages and other measurements, and basic statistical measures. You will also cover algebra and geometry. You should learn how to effectively estimate answers, solve a problem requiring multiple steps to solve, discern between material needed and not needed in solving a problem, and how to recognize when you do not have enough information to answer a problem. Upon the satisfactory completion of this section you will be able to pass the final and successfully pass the mathematics portion of the GED test.

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ScienceScience - This course reviews Physical Science (physics and chemistry), Life Science (biology), Earth (geology and meteorology) and Space Science (astronomy).

This course teaches you to apply what you have learned in the content matter of the course to everyday situations. You will learn to think through situations and apply what you have learned to reach sound decisions. Again, this course teaches the critical reading skills and their use in learning new material. You will also learn the basics of interpretation of illustrations. Upon satisfactory completion of this section, you should be able to successfully read and understand high school graduate level material in both the life sciences and the physical sciences. You should be able to pass the final and successfully complete the Science portion of the GED.

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Social ScienceSocial Studies - This course teaches History (United States & World History), Geography, Civics and Government, and Economics.

This course helps you learn how to read and interpret concepts in these subject areas. You will be able to understand what you have read, take what you have learned and apply it to new situations, discern differences and relationships between ideas, and how to make judgments based on what you have read. Though you will be gathering information and specific facts in the course, remember that the test will cover your ability to use ideas and concepts effectively rather than memorize facts and dates. Upon proper completion of this course you should be able to pass the final for the course and successfully complete this section of the GED.

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