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OnLine Training will encourage, motivate and guide our students to complete their GED. If, however, for some reason you are not able to complete your GED studies as quickly as you had hoped, OnLine Training will automatically extend your enrollment. Our commitment to you is that we will do all we can to eliminate as many barriers as possible that might stop you from succeeding

OLT's GED program was developed under the leadership of James L. Harned, Ph.D, and then updated for the 2014 exams by Ophelia Holmes. OLT's educational concept calls for providing basic education opportunities community by community, world wide. OLT's GED program is for adults and young adults who are seeking to complete high school or acquire their GED.

OLT is interested in developing programs with school systems to deliver basic education in the form of alternative schools via the Internet. OLT's concept calls for using state certified teachers to conduct high school level courses online.

The following groups of students could enroll in OLT's Alternative School Program

  • Public and private education high school students who require a distance education approach
  • Alternative School Students who require GED preparation or a GED component
  • Home Education students who desire GED preparation
  • County, State, and Federal program students who require GED Preparation via the Internet

Collaborative efforts and pilot studies can be conducted to evaluate this technology and its usefulness in supportive alternative school solutions.

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