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GED Test History

The GED exams are modified every so often, the latest version in 2014. The current GED tests incorporate the many skills that traditional high schools now require of their graduates. The previous editions of the tests were released in 1988 and 2002, before many of these requirements were in place. Since the GED Tests lead to a high school equivalency diploma, the tests must reflect these new requirements. These GED Tests continue to certify 12th grade ability in Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Social Studies, Science and Math. Click here to register.

How are today's GED Tests different?

The GED Tests incorporate the many skills that traditional high schools require of their graduates. Since the GED Tests lead to a high school equivalency diploma, the tests have to reflect these requirements. The new GED exams reflect

  • • a stronger emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • • an increased reflection of the diverse roles adults have in society
  • • greater emphasis on understanding what causes society to change
  • • and an increase in contextual settings relevant to adults.

Can I study and take the GED exam online with OLT ?

At this time the American Council on Education does not offer the official GED test online. OLT courses prepare you to successfully pass the GED Examination tests. You can prepare for the tests by studying by yourself, in an adult education classroom, or online with an educational program like OLT. You can take classes and practice tests online but everyone must take the official test at a land-based testing center, usually located at a school or community college. Click Here for information on testing centers, or call the GED hotline at 1-800-626-9433, or contact the Dept. of Education in your state.

Where can I find preparation materials for the GED Tests?

OLT's GED series are updated to reflect the changes associated with GED as they occur. The OLT faculty has been meeting weekly for the past two years sharing information, updating their personal knowledge and ensuring all necessary changes are in place for the GED examinations. The GED Testing Service has been providing the adult education community, public broadcasting, software designers, teachers, and publishers with the information they need to help you prepare for the current generation of GED Tests. You may also wish to visit our online BookStore for current GED study materials.

Thus, OLT programs are completely current and structured to support preparation for the current GED Tests.

What if I start the GED tests and then they are changed again?

If you have a few of the tests but you aren't done when the tests are you will unfortunately have to retake them under the current test system. You may need a little extra instruction in one subject or another. If so, now is the time to get it.

The time you've invested so far is still worthwhile. When you learn new abilities, no one can take them from you. Better still, the more you use them, the sharper they get! Even so, you would probably like to know how much work lies ahead of you. That is one of the ways that OLT GED courses can help you. Click here to register.

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