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Course title "Social Studies, 2nd Ed"
Course number
 OLT# BE005    
Course description

- This includes Behavioral Science, U.S. History, Political Science, Economics, and Geography.

This course helps you learn how to read and interpret concepts in these subject areas. You will be able to understand what you have read, take what you have learned and apply it to new situations, discern differences and relationships between ideas, and how to make judgments based on what you have read. Though you will be gathering information and specific facts in the course, remember that the test will cover your ability to use ideas and concepts effectively rather than memorize facts and dates. Upon proper completion of this course you should be able to pass the post-test for the course and successfully complete this section of the GED.

Location Completely online - available through OnLine Training and our resellers.
Meeting day(s) 7 days per week
Meeting time(s) 24 hours per day
Prerequisite(s) You should be able to read english at the 8th grade level
Course Goals
Course Goals The Goal is to assist the you (the student) in learning the skills needed to pass the GED examination
Course Outline
Social Studies Pre-Test

Unit 1 Prepare for Success!

Unit 2: American History
Lesson 1: Settling of America
Settling of America Exercise
Lesson 2: Pre-Revolution to Constitution
Pre-Revolution to Constitution Exercise
Lesson 3: Civil War through Industrial Revolution
Civil War through Industrial Revolution
Lesson 4: 1900 to WWII
1900 to WW II Exercise
Lesson 5: WW II
Lesson 6: WW II to Watergate
Lesson 7: Watergate to Twin Towers

Unit 3: Civics and Government
Forms of Government
US Federal Branches of Power
Legislative Branch--Article 1
Executive Branch--Article 2
Judicial Branch--Article 3
Voters and Politics
Political Party System

Unit 4: Geography
Geography Lesson 1
L1 Maps - Land and Where People Live
L1 Maps - Latitude
L1 Maps - Longitude
L1 Maps - Scales and Legends
L1 Maps - Time Zones
L1 Maps - Topography
Geography Lesson 2
L2 Population Distribution
L2 Climate
L2 Job Availability
L2 Ethnicity

Unit 5: Economics
Lesson 1: Intro to Economics and Politics
Lesson 1: Factors of Production
Lesson 2: Political Systems
Lesson 2: Supply and Demand
Lesson 3: Growth
Lesson 3: How to Measure Growth
Lesson 3: Inflation
Lesson 3: Deflation
Lesson 3: What is Money?
Lesson 3: Federal Reserve
Lesson 3: Fiscal Policy and Taxes

Social Studies Post Tests
Author / Instructor Information
Author James Harned
Instructor(s) An instructor from our GED faculty page is assigned to assist each student.
Office location 2669 Forest Hill Blvd Ste. 207, WPB, Fl 33406
Office hours Call for an Appointment
Phone 866-357-0841 or toll free 866-357-0841
Biography James L. Harned, Ph.D., Director, Basic Adult Education, has been involved in basic adult education for more than 18 years. Jim holds a doctoral degree in Distance and Adult Education, with a minor in Distance Education from the University of Oklahoma. He has designed and conducted adult education programs in New Mexico and Oklahoma. He specializes in basic adult education and G.E.D. educational programs. He prefers to author courses for delivery in the Moodle virtual classroom, a product of Web Based Training, Systems. While in his doctoral program he designed and taught remedial education courses that enabled marginal students to function satisfactorily in college level courses. He further provided the university faculty with courses on the use of the internet and distance education instructional design. He is the author of the OLT Basic Adult Education series and the lead instructor - teacher - educator in that program. His passions include seeking ways individuals can develop educationally and aiding his students in achieving their personal and professional goals. He seeks to create online learning environments that foster success. Dr. Harned joined OLT in 1998.
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