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Intermediate Flood Insurance Concepts by Jeff King
Course Information
Course title: "Flood Insurance Concepts"
Course number: OLT # INSCE007      DOI # 59082
Course description: This 3 hr. Continuing Education class - Intermediate level, is designed to provide agents with all the information they need to quote, write and service the most common types of flood insurance.
Location: Completely Online
Available: 24/7
3hr CE Credit: All licenses (except 3-20/T31-20)
Course Goals
Course Goals: To increase the Insurance Professional’s knowledge of flood insurance, in order to better serve their clients.
Course Outcomes
Course Outcomes: The student will pass the two exams with a score of 70% or better and after the second exam will receive his/her certificate for 3 hours of CE from the college with whom he/she is registered. The college notifies the Department of Financial Services of the student's completion.
Course Outline
It is important to note that not all pages are standard 8x11 pages.

A page is the length required to express an idea or subtopic.

Therefore, some pages may consist of only a few sentences.
Syllabus/Course Outline Time Module
Chapter One - Flood Insurance 15 min. A

A. Introduction to Flood Insurance Program

B. Overview and History of the National Flood Insurance Program   A/3
C. Why Your Clients Need Flood Insurance   A/4

Chapter Two - General Rules

20 min.


A. Community Eligibility

  1. Eligible and ineligble communities
  2. Emergency Program
  3. Regular Program
  4. Flood maps


B. Policies Available

  1. Standard Flood Policy
  2. Preferred Risk Policy

C. Building Property

  1. Eligible Buildings
  2. Ineligible Buildings
D. Contents
  1. Eligible Contents
  2. Ineligible Contents
E. Policy Effective Date   B/6

F. Coverages

  1. Limits of Coverage
  2. Deductibles
  3. Coverage D - Increased Cost of Compliance
  4. Reduction of Coverage Limits

G. Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Policy Terms
  2. Policy Submission
  3. Policy Delivery
  4. Assignment

Chapter Three - General Procedures for Rating Flood Insurance

10 min. C

A. Information Needed


B. Premium Examples

Midterm Exam Review

5 min.

Midterm Exam - for grade

20 min.


Chapter Four - Condominium Policies

25 min. D

A. Condominium Policies Available

  1. RCBAP
  2. Unit-Owner's Policy
  3. CAP
  4. Non-Residential Condos


  1. eligibility
  2. classification
  3. coverages


C. Condo Unit-Owner's Policy


Chapter Five - Rating and Policy Eligibility

20 min. E

A. The Elevation Certificate

  1. Standard Form
  2. Post-Firm vs. Pre-Firm
  3. Info on the EC


B. Preferred Risk Policy

  1. Eligibility Requirements
  2. Exclusions
  3. Documentation

Chapter Six - Owning Flood Insurance

15 min. F

A. Policy Cancellation/Nullification

B. Claims   F/3

C. Problems with the Current Flood Insurance System



Chapter Seven - Conclusion 25 min. G
A. Definitions   G/2
B. Unauthorized Entities 624.401   G/3
C. Unauthorized Entities   G/4
D. Unauthorized Entities 624.437; Addendum   G/5-6
References   G/7
Final Exam Review 5 min. G/8
Final Exam - for grade 20 min.  
Instructor Information
Name: Jeff King
Email: king@oltraining.com
Office location: 2669 Forest Hill Blvd Ste. 207, WPB, Fl 33406
Office hours: Call for an Appointment
Phone: (321) 799-3022 or fax (321) 799-3613
Biography: Jeff King is a licensed insurance agent, and President of King Insurance & Financial Service, Inc. in Cape Canaveral.  He has been a licensed life, health and property and casualty insurance agent since 1989.  In addition to his agency career, Mr. King is an Adjunct Instructor at Brevard Community College.  He teaches insurance licensing and continuing education classes there, as well as at Polk Community College.

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