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Hurricanes and Their Impact on Insurance by James Drake
Course Information
Course title: "Hurricanes and Their Impact on Insurance"
Course number: OLT # insCE008      DOI # 69237     
Course description:

This is a Property & Casualty Intermediate Level, 2 hour Continuing Ed Course on Hurricanes. It is a completely self-contained study course which is to be completed entirely online and delivered to comply with State requirements. It contains seven chapters including: Chapter One discusses Hurricane Characteristics; Chapter Two reviews Homeowners and Flood policies; Chapter Three addresses Automobile, Boat and Commercial Property; Chapter Four discusses the Impact of Hurricane Andrew in 1992; Chapter Five explains the Impact on the Insurance Industry of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma; Chapter Six illustrates Coverage Disputes; and Chapter Seven covers Underwriting.

Students can complete the course at their own time and pace via the Internet. The course comprises of Units and Chapters with 2-Unit Quizzes and Final Exam. The program will allow you to re-take a Final Exam only if you fail with a score of less than 70%. You must make a grade of 70% on each quiz and the Final Exam to pass. Your scores are graded online. Upon completion of this course, OnLine Training will report the completion to FLDFS and issue a Certificate of Completion to the student.

Location: Completely OnLine
Availabilty: 24/7
2hrs CE Credit: All licenses (except 3-20/T31-20)
Course Goals
Course Goals:

The Goals of this course are:

  • To increase Agents knowledge of Hurricanes and how they have influenced property insurance coverages.
  • To present information about the predictability and tracking of hurricanes.
  • To illustrate how Hurricane Andrew affected and changed the Insurance Industry.
Course Outline
It is important to note that not all pages are standard 8x11 pages.

A page is the length required to express an idea or subtopic.

Therefore, some pages may consist of only a few sentences.
Syllabus/Course Outline
Unit One - Hurricane and Insurance Characteristics

Chapter One - Hurricane Characteristics

Chapter Two - Policies - Homeowner's & Flood

Chapter Three - Insurance Policies - Automobile, Boat & Commercial Property

Review & Quiz 1 - For Grade
Unit Two - The 2004-2005 Hurricane Seasons Impact on the Insurance Industry and the Government Response

Chapter Four - Impact of Hurricanes on Insurance Industry - Hurricane Andrew 1992

Chapter Five - Impact of Hurricanes on Insurance Industry - Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, & Wilma

Chapter Six - Insurance Company Response to Hurricanes of 2004-2005

Chapter Seven - Government Response to 2004-05 Hurricane Season

Review & Quiz 2 - For Grade
Final Exam - For Grade
Instructor Information
Name: Jim Drake, CPCU, CLU, ARM
Office location: 2669 Forest Hill Blvd. STE. 207
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Phone: (561) 283-0333 or fax (561) 357-4957
Biography: Jim Drake is a licensed insurance agent, as well as Executive Vice President of McKinley Financial Services, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.He holds the major insurance designations � C.P.C.U. (Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter), C.L.U. (Chartered Life Under-writer) and A.R.M. (Associate in Risk Management). Jim is licensed for all lines of insurance along with a Surplus Lines license.