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Premium Discounts Mitigation Options Course by Jeffrey King
Course Information
Course title: "Premium Discounts Mitigation Options"
Course number: OLT # INSCE011      DOI # 69317
Course description:

This is a Property & Casualty Intermediate Level, 2 hour Continuing Ed Course on Wind Mitigation. It is a completely self-contained study course which is to be completed entirely online and delivered to comply with State requirements. It contains three units with eleven lessons: Introduction to Wind Mitigation, Need for Notice of Premium Discounts, Residential Property Insurance; Rate Filings, Hurrican Loss Mitigation Program, Wind Certification and Hurricane Mitigation Inspections & Unathorized Entities.

Students can complete the course at their own time and pace via the Internet. The course comprises of Units and Lessons with a Midterm and Final Exam. The program will allow you to re-take a new exam only if you fail with a score of less than 70%. You must make a grade of 70% on each exam to pass. Your scores are graded online. Upon completion of this course, the student will receive 2 hours of continuing education credit and a Certificate of Completion from OnLine Training.

Location: Internet
Availability: 24/7
2hr CE Credit: All Licenses (except 3-20/T31-20)
Course Outcomes
Course Outcomes:

The student will successfully learn and comprehend the material and pass the online exams with a score of 70% or higher, thereby attaining his/her Certificate of Completion for 2 hours of CE credits.

Course Outline
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Syllabus/Course Outline
Unit One - Introduction to Wind Mitigation

Lesson One. Introduction
Lesson Two. Need for Notice of Premium Discounts
Lesson Three. Notice and Factors of Premium Discounts
Lesson Four. Residential Property Insurance; Rate Filings
Lesson Five. Windstorm Mitigation Discounts

Wind Mitigation Midterm
Unit Two - Hurricanes

Lesson Six. Florida Comprehensive Hurricane Damage Mitigation Program
Lesson Seven. Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program
Lesson Eigt. Certificate of True and Accurate Rate Filing
Lesson Nine. Case Study of Mitigation Savings

Unit Three - Unauthorized Entities
Lesson Ten. Unauthorized Entitites
Lesson Eleven. Update and Conclusion
Final Exam - for Grade
Instructor Information
Name: Jeff King
Office location: 2669 Forest Hill Blvd. STE. 207
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Phone: (561) 283-0333 or fax (561) 357-4957
Biography: Jeff King is a licensed insurance agent, and President of King Insurance & Financial Service, Inc. in Cape Canaveral. He has been a licensed life, health and property and casualty insurance agent since 1989. In addition to his agency career, Mr. King is an Adjunct Instructor at Brevard Community College. He has taught several college level business classes, including "Intro to Business" and "Business Management". He teaches insurance licensing and continuing education classes there, as well as at Polk Community College.

He is currently a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters.