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OLT leverages the accountability of the Internet to help online advertisers and marketers increase the effectiveness and return on investment of their Internet advertising and marketing campaigns. Integrating service, technology, and analysis, OLT provides Internet planning and buying, ad delivery and management, data collection and analysis, targeted e-mail, and enhanced marketing support, such as strategic partnerships and search engine optimization.

Targeted Online Marketing
In traditional advertising, you spend most of your time and money distilling the idea and crafting the message. Once the ad appears, you are limited in gauging its effectiveness. Now the Internet provides the ability to measure, analyze, and act- in real time. Where should you advertise? Which sites should you partner with? Which marketing messages work best online? Internet marketing is a new world, and you need a partner to navigate it- a partner who provides the right information to help you make the best decisions.We manage your online marketing efforts from goal setting to strategy development. We negotiate competitive media rates. Then we analyze the results and recommend refinements to message, placement, or ad. And because we go beyond click-through rates to measure responses down to the purchase, registration, or completed survey, we help you optimize your campaign for the best results. Through ongoing measurement and client service, we continually hone the strategy to achieve your goals.The OLT solution of service, partnerships, and technology can help you:

  • Lower your cost per sale Build your customer base
  • Increase the lifetime value of customers

Core Services
Boost revenue and cut costs with our proven data-driven process by integrating media planning, ad management technology, and data analysis, OLT provides a comprehensive online marketing solution.

We help you achieve your campaign goals and business objectives by selecting the best online marketing mix, from banner ads to E-mail campaigns to sponsorships and more.

Media Planning
By interpreting extensive data from previous campaigns, our experienced client service team builds media plans customized for your unique goals.

Media Buying
We leverage our position and experience of Internet media to negotiate competitive rates for our clients.

Data Collection
Our technology stores and securely protects the interactions a customer or prospect has with your message, including views, clicks, and conversions.

Online Reporting
Your confidential campaign results show performance according to site, placement, and ad. You and your OLT team can access reports 24 hours a day and respond with the modifications needed to immediately improve performance.

Data Analysis
Our experts deliver in-depth, ongoing analysis of multiple variables for every campaign, and we retain this knowledge to make future campaigns even more effective.

Get the data you need to deliver on your online marketing strategies. Call us at 561-357-0841 and ask for a Randy Hoefling, or use our Information Request Form.

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