Prerequisites: State Required & Approved Pre License Course
Author: John Rugolo

This course prepares the student for state Real Estate Appraiser Exams. This course is better than "flash" cards and better than simple practice questions. The course uses a database of over 250 questions and over 1200 screens of information, it consists of a course map and practice questions.

This is a course that is a combination of sample questions organized into topics that allow you to practice questions and improve your score. Using the Redding Method you are only exposed to the right answers, similar to flashcards but with the advantage of a new test being generated with each attempt, and only the right answers displayed. If you choose a wrong answer you will be shown the question that answer was the right answer for. Read each question out loud, read each answer out loud, and improve your memory and vocabulary within this field of study.

The special design of this course insures that the student is exposed to only correct information. Both right and wrong answer responses are designed to reinforce correct learning using the latest techniques in study course design. This online course is designed to move the student, in a focused manner, through content that one must know in order to fully satisfy state examination requirements. This process is called "Guided Learning." Because of the interactive nature of the web, Guided Learning on the internet can be fun, even exciting, while also being very effective.

Topics included in the course are: Site Evaluation, Cost Approach, Sales Approach, Income Capitalization Approach, and more. The reference manual is Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal, by William L. Ventolo & Martha R. Williams.

Optional Corresponding Manual: Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal, by William L. Ventolo & Martha R. Williams

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