This study guide course has been compiled to help you increase your chances of passing the course final exam. You should study the information for Test 1 for each of the units prior to taking Test 1.

If you are taking Test 2 because you failed Test 1, then you should study the information in this guide for Test 2. Each bullet point for each test represents a question on the course in that unit that you will be tested on. Example: Unit one has only one bullet point which means there is only one course exam question on unit one. Unit 2 has six bullet points which means there will be six questions on your course exam from unit two and so on. There should be one hundred bullet points for Test 1 and one hundred bullet points for Test 2.

Make sure that you understand the material listed in this study guide. You should also go back to the course and find this information to better understand it if you are unsure. You should also retake all quizzes at the end of each unit.

You will have access to this online version of the Study Guides for one month.

There is an option to print out a PDF copy of the Combined Final Exams Study Guide, or Test 1 Study Guide, or Test 2 study Guide, if you desire to use it while you are working through the course online.

Remember, this study guide is written to compliment OnLine Training's RE004FL63 Florida Sales Associate Pre License course. After you complete that course by passing the course final exam, you will need to study all the material presented in the course for the state exam.