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    DEMO - RECE002FL3 Real Estate CE - Business Ethics

    This course, Business Ethics, is a mandatory requirement by the State of Florida as part of your 14 hours of continuing education. A licensee must complete this three-hour course every two years. In addition to this state-mandated requirement, REALTORS® must complete a National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics Course every two years.

    We will discuss the differences between ethics, morality, and the law. Business ethics are presented with examples of companies that operated unethically. Our culture is faced with tough ethical questions that we will take a look at. An examination of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics will be presented. And finally, we will look at five cases to discover whether the business is operating ethically or not.

    Note: This demo includes the first couple of lessons out of five lessons. Your work will NOT carry over to the actual course should you purchase it.

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