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    Work an Event with Ease
    (At the Event)

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    You’ve done your homework. You understand what the networking process is about and your natural strengths and limitations. You’ve targeted your market, and you are sure you are attending the “right” event. You’ve created a meaningful, effective Verbal Business Card that will intrigue and inform others

    Yet, you feel as if you are jumping into a cold pool in a thong, and you don’t have a body you want to expose.

    What’s happening?

    The pedal is hitting the metal. You are about to work an event! The time has come to practice for real what you have been rehearsing in the comfort of your home or office.

    This course will help you work a business event, whether it be a chamber of commerce meeting, a corporate sales conference, trade show or any of myriad professional or industry organizations. I’ll share in depth my 10-Minute Rule for working an event as I break it into three easy-to-follow parts:

    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion

    This gives you time for your Verbal Business Card and/or small talk, at least five minutes for a solid business exchange and a few minutes to lay the groundwork for saying good-bye. Keep in mind that networking is planting seeds and 10 minutes gives you plenty of time to do just that.

    Intertwined is sound advice on introduction mechanics, remembering people’s names, why to assume the role of host vs. guest and techniques to end a conversation. This chapter is loaded with tips to take away the coldness, fear and rejection, and replace them with confidence, warmth and enthusiasm.

    Lillian Bjorseth

    In this course, you will learn to:

    • Arrive early and turn it to your advantage.
    • Act like a host vs. a guest.
    • Introduce contacts to one another.
    • Weave newcomers into a conversation.
    • Follow my 10-minute Rule to Work an Event.
    • Perfect your introduction.
    • Build the body of your interaction.
    • End the conversation with ease.


    Your Instructor is Lillian D. Bjorseth.

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