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An open forum for chatting about anything you want to, although you should probably not use this forum for questions about specific courses - those are better asked and answered in the forums for the specific course.

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How long does it take for the grade to reflect after each unit quiz? 1 Sandra King
Test Length 6 Sandra King
Current 440 taking 220 online 2 David Simpson
Number of test questions on Final 3 Sandra King
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Unit 8 Question 19 1 Jan Bradburn-
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Adjusters study manual 2 James Furey
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Learning the features and benefits of the course 3 Wayne Rollins
LIfe, Health and Variable Annuities Exam 0 Elnora Butler 0 Denise Boehning
Co Insurance help: Manual hasn't came in yet. help 1 Jan Bradburn-
Property Insurance Concepts- Coinsurance 5 Sandra King
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200 Hrs? 0 Julio A Carrion Jr
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Study Group Volusia County 0 LYNNE LABOMBARD
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Test taking anxiety. 5 Jan Bradburn-
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Review questions wont submit? help! 6 Clara Stallworth
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Hello Ms Bradburn. this is Jennifer Iam new in the class 1 Jan Bradburn-
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Too much Information 8 Jan Bradburn-
200 hrs 2 Ariane Marlin
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20-44 online course glitch 2 Sandra King
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440! Looking for Job Oportunities 0 Kellie C Fenichel
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Is College Name the Same as Course Profile>? 1 Sandra King
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INS007FL200 Florida Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Online Only Course 0 Manohar Pohani
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