Managing the Social Security Maze by Will Rogers

Course Information
Course Title: Managing the Social Security Maze
Course Number: BI001
Course Description:

This course teaches you what you need to know to make decisions about Social Security that will affect your bottom line (SS payments) by $1,800 a month, $20,000 a year, or over $200,000 by the time you reach age 85. This course will help you with completing your application for Social Security and determining what benefits you may receive. It also takes a look at the Medicare Program, the ins and outs of disability under Social Security, the Supplemental Security Income program, and Medicaid eligibility. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make more informed decisions about Social Security.

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Course Goals
To help prospective retirees and/or their children get through the process of applying for Social Security benefits and give them knowledge about the various aspects of Social Security programs.
Course Outline


UNIT 1 - Social Security Background

    The Social Security Act and Related Laws


    Social Security Background


    Proposed Social Reforms


    Government Responses


    Social Security History


    Social Security Future


UNIT 2 -Determining Social Security Eligibility

    Earning Social Security Credits
    How Do You Become Fully Insured Under Social Security?
    Becoming Permanently Insured Under Social Security
    Alien Worker Qualification for Benefits
    When Should You Apply for Social Security?

UNIT 3 - Calculating Your Social Security Benefits


    How Social Security Calculates Retirement Benefits


    Timing of Social Security Retirement


    Pensions from Work NOT Covered by Social Security


    Spouse and Family Benefits


    Maximum/Minimum Social Security Benefits


    Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)


    Maximizing Your Social Security


    Social Security Death Benefit


    Social Security Survivors' Benefits

UNIT 4 - The Medicare Program
    What is Medicare?
    Enrolling in Medicare
    I Am Enrolled in Medicare. Now What?
UNIT 5 - The Social Security Disability Program
    Definition of Disability
    Disability Determination Office
    Five-Step Decision Process
    If You Are Blind...
    Denied! Now What?
    You Are Approved! How Much Do You Receive?
    "Ticket to Work" Program
    How Do You Get Started?
    The Employment Network and You Agree...
    Houston, We Have a Problem...
    Other Information on the Ticket to Work Program
UNIT 6- Supplemental Security Income
    What Is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?
    Applying for SSI Benefits
    Your Rights Under SSI
UNIT 7 - The Medicaid Program
    Medicaid Explained
    Key Eligibility Groups
Managing the Social Security Maze Final Exam
Course Total
Instructor Information
Name: Jeff King
Technical Assistance: 561-283-0333 or toll free 866-357-0841
Author Information
Name: Will Rogers, B.S.
Biography: Will Rogers has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Distributive Education from Florida Atlantic University, He brings to the table over 20 years of educational experience in public and private schools. He has taught science, social studies, diversified career technologies, marketing, employability skills, computer applications, and computer programming. As a vocational educator, his goal was to help his students transition from being students to becoming productive, tax-paying citizens. In teaching his students about the world of work, he showed them the ins and outs of Social Security. He has updated his research on Social Security and wants to share this knowledge with his new, online students.

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