Contacting Your Instructor

How to Reach Your Teacher

This online course is unique because you have a teacher to help you with your work. Since this is an independent study course, your teacher may have established "office hours" during which you may contact him or her in the Moodle Messaging. Be sure to ask your teacher what the best way is to communicate, what preferred hours are, if the teacher has office hours in the chat area, or other information about communicating well in this online course.

Some ways to reach your teacher

    • The most common way to communicate with your teacher is by e-mail. When you received your registration notification, you will see that your teacher's e-mail address is included at the bottom of the welcome letter.
    • Your teacher also has an e-mail address that works within Moodle. That address should automatically show when you click on the e-mail icon. However, if you wish to send a message to any other student taking the class you can do so by simply typing over the instructor's address with the student's address.
    • The software you are using to take the course is called Moodle. In the home page of the software you can use a Block called "People". You can click on the list of Participants in this course and select one to contact. This is where you should type your message.
    • Your Welcome Message included your Teacher's e-mail address outside of Moodle . Using this e-mail address will allow you to reach your teacher if you are not able to log in to the course and use your Moodle Messaging.

If you wish to to discuss something with the class as a whole, you can do so from the "Forum" Block. This sends a message to all students in the course. It is much like talking with other students after class, or "at the coffee shop". You are encouraged to use these features at any time.


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