1. "A character in Hamlet says, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be." Is this good advice? Explain."
  2. "According to studies, the average American watches television as much as six hours a day. Why do Americans watch so much television? Discuss."
  3. America has many regional foods. What would you recommend to a traveler who wanted to experience food from the South? Explain.
  4. "American family life would be more stable if parents, not the couples involved, arranged the marriages of their children. Agree or disagree."
  5. Americans are fast becoming the most overweight people in the world. To what do you attribute this trend? Explain.
  6. "Americans generally condemn daydreaming as a waste of time. Do you agree with this view, or do you see some benefits of daydreaming? Discuss."
  7. "Apart from chronological age, what are some major differences between an adolescent and an adult? Explain."
  8. Archaeologists have learned much about the lives of first-century Romans from the excavations of houses buried by lava at Pompeii. Suppose that your home were preserved just as it is now. What conclusions about modern life might this evidence lead future archaeologists to draw?
  9. Are Americans too dependent on the automobile? Discuss.
  10. Are elementary and high schools adequately meeting the needs of their students? Discuss.
  11. Are people in the U.S. overly concerned about being thin? Discuss.
  12. Are spectator sports overemphasized in this country today? Discuss.
  13. Are the effects of progress always humane? Discuss.
  14. Are there any circumstances in which an individual should be required to take an AIDS test and disclose his or her HIV status? Discuss.
  15. Are there situations in which lying is appropriate? Discuss.
  16. Are there superstitions you claim you do not believe and yet would never ignore? Explain.
  17. Are you motivated more by external rewards (such as money or grades) or internal rewards (such as self-esteem or integrity)? Discuss.
  18. Argue for or against the view that people of your generation are selfish and concerned only with money and comfort.
  19. "At a scientific conference, Russia's chief space scientist, Leonid I. Sedov, taunted a U.S. colleague: "You Americans have a better standard of living than we have. But the American loves his car, his refrigerator, his house. He does not, as we Russians do, love his country." If you had to answer Mr. Sedov, what would be your reply?"
  20. At what major historical event would you like to have been present? Why?
  21. Athletic programs at some colleges are big business. Discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages of this situation.
  22. Attack or defend the practice of advertising by doctors and lawyers.
  23. "Beauty contests, despite some criticism, are still very popular. In your opinion, what are the chief reasons for their popularity? Explain."
  24. "Beyond human injury and death, what have been the effects of the major airplane crashes of recent years? Explain."
  25. Can computers and the personal information stored in them jeopardize our right to privacy? Discuss.
  26. Choose a character in a recent movie or television show whom you find especially appealing or unappealing. Explain your choice.
  27. Choose a profession whose members make a worthwhile contribution to society and discuss the benefits that society receives from members of this profession.
  28. Describe a decision you have made that has been particularly significant to you.
  29. Describe a model physical fitness plan.
  30. Describe a time when you were surprised by the behavior of a group or a person you thought you knew well. Explain the effects on you.
  31. Describe the way a television show presents a particular occupation and discuss the accuracy of the portrayal.
  32. Discuss a New Year's resolution that you actually kept (or wish you had).
  33. Discuss a stereotype that you once believed but that later proved inaccurate.
  34. Discuss how life can be made easier for people with disabilities.
  35. Discuss how life can be made easier for the elderly.
  36. "Discuss how student evaluations of faculty could be used by administrators, faculty, and/or students."
  37. Discuss one aspect of your life in which you have settled for less than you had once wanted.
  38. Discuss one cause for which you would be willing to risk your life.
  39. Discuss one of your short-term goals and one of your long-term goals.
  40. Discuss some of the advantages and/or disadvantages of having three or more generations of a family living together under the same roof.
  41. Discuss some of the appeals used in automobile advertisements.
  42. Discuss some of the major pressures faced by teenagers.
  43. Discuss some of the pressures on college students.
  44. Discuss some of the roles a college student plays.
  45. Discuss some of the status symbols of today's society.
  46. Discuss some practical ways in which each of us can help to conserve natural resources.
  47. Discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages of being a commuting student.
  48. Discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages of nuclear power as a source of energy.
  49. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of marrying someone significantly older or younger than yourself.
  50. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of shopping by TV.
  51. Discuss the effects in society of the increasing number of women in the workforce.
  52. "Discuss the following quotation based on your experience and/or observation, "We would be ashamed of our finest acts if the world were aware of the motives behind them." -- Rochefoucault."
  53. Discuss the image of women presented in music videos.
  54. Discuss the images of children presented in recent movies and television shows.
  55. Discuss the images of men presented in recent movies and television shows.
  56. Discuss the images of minorities or women presented in recent movies and television shows.
  57. Discuss the influence that a relative (other than a parent) has had in your life.
  58. Discuss the influence that advertising has had on your life or the lives of your friends.
  59. Discuss the most important characteristics an elected official should have.
  60. Discuss the qualities of a good movie.
  61. Discuss the special problems that single parents and their children face.
  62. Discuss ways in which one person's actions can help to improve the world.
  63. Discuss ways to increase the public's respect for elected officials.
  64. Discuss what could be done to increase the public's respect for police officers.
  65. Discuss what people reveal about themselves by the way they drive.
  66. Discuss what you like or do not like about the South.
  67. Discuss what you perceive to be some of the causes of homelessness in America.
  68. Discuss why people are fascinated by amusement parks such as Disney World and Six Flags.
  69. "Discuss why you agree or disagree with the following: "Historically, most good leaders have not been people of good character.""
  70. Do Americans expect political candidates to have to compromise their ethical standards in order to win an election to public office? Discuss.
  71. Do Americans place too much emphasis on physical appearance? Discuss.
  72. Do Americans seem unable to relax in their leisure time? Discuss.
  73. Do celebrities have a responsibility to the public to act as good role models? Discuss.
  74. Do college students benefit from having to earn at least part of their tuition? Discuss.
  75. Do college students benefit from participation in extracurricular activities? Explain.
  76. Do high schools put too much emphasis on athletics? Discuss.
  77. Do schools focus enough on educating students in non-academic areas? Discuss.
  78. Do you agree that children diagnosed as having AIDS should be permitted to attend public schools? Discuss why or why not.
  79. Do you believe that banning certain books from public and school libraries is justified? Discuss.
  80. Do you believe that it is the responsibility of the young to provide financial security for the aged? Why or why not?
  81. Do you believe that recycling should be mandatory? Discuss.
  82. Do you believe that violence in television programs leads to violence in our society? Explain.
  83. Do you believe young college students should postpone marrying until they graduate? Why or why not?
  84. Do you enjoy shopping? Why or why not?
  85. Do you favor decreased spending for national defense? Why or why not?
  86. Do you favor or oppose a rule that would prohibit professional teams from recruiting college student athletes until their college sports eligibility is over? Why?
  87. Do you favor or oppose the use of animal organs (such as hearts or kidneys) as transplants in humans when human organs are not available? Explain.
  88. Do you feel that teachers show favoritism among students? Discuss.
  89. "Do you function best in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Explain."
  90. Do you have the skills to run your own business? Explain.
  91. Do you like being in the presence of young children? Discuss why or why not.
  92. Do you like surprises? Explain why or why not.
  93. Do you listen to radio talk shows? Why or why not?
  94. Do you long for the past or look eagerly toward the future? Explain.
  95. Do you or your family support public television (the educational channels) either as viewers or contributors? Why or why not?
  96. Do you plan to go on to graduate or professional school? Why or why not?
  97. Do you prefer shopping at a large shopping center or at downtown stores? Discuss.
  98. Do you read the newspaper every day? Why or why not?
  99. "Do you suppose you would be happier if you lived more simply, eliminating the effort it takes to acquire an abundance of luxuries? Why or why not?"
  100. Do you think a person's looks affect his or her success in the job market? Discuss why or why not.
  101. "Do you think of yourself as a "goal-oriented" person? Explain."
  102. Do you think that most people would rather conform (be like everyone else in a group) than stand out as individuals? Discuss.
  103. Do you think that sports help develop good character? Discuss.
  104. Do you think that you have the qualifications of a good parent? Discuss.
  105. Do you think that you receive your money's worth for your student activity fees? Why or why not?
  106. Do you think the world will become more peaceful in the next 10 years? Discuss.
  107. Do you watch talk shows on television? Why or why not?
  108. "Does a "double standard" still exist between the sexes? Discuss."
  109. Does a person have to be wealthy and powerful in order to be considered successful? Discuss.
  110. Does our public educational system promote mediocrity? Discuss.
  111. Does our society allow women to assume masculine roles more readily than it allows males to assume roles traditionally called feminine? Discuss.
  112. Does the press have too much influence in judging criminal suspects before they are actually convicted of a crime? Explain.
  113. During what period of your life have you been the happiest? Explain.
  114. "Each year, many teenagers run away from home. What do you think are the chief causes?"
  115. "Entertainers referred to as "stand-up comics" continue to be popular. Why?"
  116. Every applicant for a Georgia driver's license must choose whether to be an organ donor. Would you choose to be a donor? Explain why or why not.
  117. "Explain how a television show, movie, commercial or popular song stereotypes a group of people."
  118. Explain the chief reasons why students drop out of high school.
  119. Explain what it means to be an honorable person.
  120. Explain what motivates students to strive for good grades in college.
  121. Explain why people sometimes continue to do things that are harmful to them.
  122. Explain why you do or do not hunt.
  123. Explain why you do or do not like having picnics.
  124. Explain why you do or do not like to gamble.
  125. Explain why you do or do not smoke.
  126. Explain why you do or do not vote.
  127. Explain why you think so many people get the holiday blues.
  128. Explain why you would or would not recommend a movie you saw recently.
  129. Explain why you would or would not want to live in a large city.
  130. Explain your reasons for admiring a particular high school or college teacher.
  131. Failure can often teach more than success can. Has failure ever taught you a valuable lesson? Discuss.
  132. "Fill in the blank in the following statement and discuss: "They don't make ________ like they used to.""
  133. For what qualities or achievements would you feel justified in calling an individual successful? Explain.
  134. "Given all the evidence that cigarette smoking is harmful, why do people continue to smoke cigarettes? Discuss."
  135. "Given the choice, would you rather live in the mountains or near the beach? Discuss."
  136. Has attending college made you a better person? Discuss.
  137. Has college made you less sure about what is right and what is wrong? Discuss.
  138. Has credit buying affected your way of life? Explain.
  139. Has television brought members of the family together? Discuss.
  140. Has the automobile been harmful to our society? Discuss.
  141. Has the space program benefited the average American? Discuss.
  142. Has the time come for the United States to abandon the two-party political system? Why or why not?
  143. Has the TV remote control device been a blessing or a curse? Discuss.
  144. Has there been a time in your life when you should have complained about a situation but didn't? Discuss.
  145. Has your greatest challenge in college been personal or academic? Explain.
  146. Have Americans lost their appreciation of nature? Discuss.
  147. Have computers made our lives easier or more complicated? Explain.
  148. Have you ever been pressured into doing something that you would have preferred to avoid but that later turned out to be beneficial? Discuss.
  149. Have you ever had a boss you particularly admired or one you particularly disliked? Discuss.
  150. Have you ever learned something that seemed insignificant at the time but that later became particularly valuable? Discuss.
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