1. Jogging has become extremely popular. Explain why you jog or why you don't.
  2. "John F. Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Discuss whether Americans are heeding this call from the past."
  3. Justice is said to be blind. Is justice in our courtrooms blind to economic status? Discuss.
  4. "Knowledge can be gained from books and scientific observation. What are some other important sources of knowledge, and why are they valuable?"
  5. "Manners belong to a bygone age; they are no longer relevant. Attack, defend, or modify."
  6. Many American homes and offices have become a jungle of houseplants. Why do you think that so many people surround themselves with growing things?
  7. Many college freshmen complain that they have never learned how to study. What pointers could you give to help people with poor study habits? Explain.
  8. "Many colleges do not allow alcoholic beverages to be served or consumed on campus, not even in restaurants or faculty clubs. Do you agree or disagree with this rule?"
  9. Many educators are now looking to computers as the key to improving education. Are there limits to what computers can do to teach our children? Discuss.
  10. Many families today are growing home vegetable gardens. Discuss some reasons for this.
  11. "Many people consider the Social Security system necessary for the economic well-being of the United States, yet this system may be headed for bankruptcy. What sacrifices should people (whether young or old) be willing to make to assure that the system continues? Explain."
  12. "Many people take pride in their family history. To what extent is ancestry important in your family, and how does your family react to its past? Discuss."
  13. Many political commentators are now questioning whether debates between political candidates are worthwhile. What do you think? Why?
  14. Many states have enacted laws banning all non-returnable drink containers. Should Georgia pass such a law? Why or why not?
  15. Many women in the film industry have for years complained that not enough significant female roles are available for them. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.
  16. More and more people are seeking plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Why are so many people willing to accept the costs and risks of this kind of surgery?
  17. Most people consider themselves part of a particular generation. Discuss what you consider the most important values of your generation.
  18. Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Describe a real or imagined day in your life to demonstrate the truth of Murphy's Law.
  19. "Name a person, place, or thing that is currently very popular but that, in your opinion, is overrated. Explain why it does not deserve its popularity."
  20. "Name some of your family's traditions (perhaps concerning holidays, birthdays, vacations, or other activities) and discuss why they are important to you."
  21. Name some place you would not like to go on a date and explain why you would choose not to go there.
  22. Name someone you consider to be a modern hero or heroine and explain why.
  23. "Name the worst movie or television program you have ever seen, and explain why you dislike it."
  24. Name your favorite game or sport and explain why you find it enjoyable.
  25. Name your favorite pastime and explain why you enjoy it.
  26. Nearly all students have had classmates who they wished were anywhere else but in that particular class. What kinds of students do you find most annoying? Discuss.
  27. "Of the sources of entertainment which are popular today, which do you find least appealing? Discuss."
  28. "One suggested partial solution to the drug problem is to furnish drugs to certified addicts, thus removing the profit for drug dealers. What do you think of this idea?"
  29. Optimists are people who always expect the best; pessimists always expect the worst. Which kind of person is it better to be? Explain.
  30. "Other than preparation for a job, what is the value of a college education? Discuss."
  31. Overcrowded prisons are one of the major problems facing Georgia. What might be done to ease this problem?
  32. "P.T. Barnum supposedly said that "a sucker is born every minute." Explain how this idea relates to American advertising."
  33. "Partners in marriage often write their own detailed marriage contracts, covering such matters as the number of children they wish to have and the management of money. Would you write such a contract? Explain why or why not."
  34. People dress to project an image or to follow trends or to be comfortable. Discuss why you dress the way you do.
  35. Pick one type of music that is currently very popular and explain why it is popular.
  36. Presidential greatness is often debated by professional historians. Which U.S. president would you identify as the greatest? Justify your selection.
  37. Professional athletes and entertainers are among the highest paid people in this country -- and justifiably so. Agree or disagree.
  38. Propose an ideal sex education program.
  39. Publishers report that horoscope columns are among the most widely read features in newspapers. Do you check your astrological forecast from time to time? Why or why not?
  40. "Recent elections have been characterized by small turnouts of eligible voters. Some democracies -- Australia, for example -- require their citizens to vote. Explain why such a policy should or should not be adopted in the United States."
  41. Research indicates that you and your friends are likely to have fewer children than your parents and grandparents. What do you think are reasons for this? Explain.
  42. "Robert Frost said, "We come to college to get over our little mindedness." Discuss in relation to your own experiences."
  43. Self-discipline is the most important ingredient for success. Agree or disagree.
  44. "Several communities have passed laws making it illegal for bars to promote the consumption of alcohol through sales specials such as happy hours, two-for-one hours, and ladies' night. Do you agree or disagree that these laws are needed? Discuss."
  45. Should a course in ethics be a mandatory part of all college curricula? Why or why not?
  46. Should a graduating college senior be required to pass a comprehensive examination in his or her major before receiving a degree? Why or why not?
  47. "Should a person be given another chance after he or she has been unfaithful, lied, or broken a promise? Explain."
  48. Should a person tell his or her spouse about past love affairs? Discuss why or why not.
  49. Should a person who has been convicted of a crime be allowed to run for public office? Discuss why or why not.
  50. "Should adoption records be open to the people directly involved (the person adopted, the biological parents and/or the adoptive parents)? Explain why or why not."
  51. Should all college courses be specifically related to a future occupation? Explain why or why not.
  52. Should all college students be required to buy or rent a computer? Why or why not?
  53. Should all public employees and elected public officials be subject to drug testing? Why or why not?
  54. Should all students be required to take a course in computer science some time during their education? Explain why or why not.
  55. Should American students be required to learn a second language? Why or why not?
  56. "Should an introduction to art, music, and drama be a part of every college student's education? Explain why or why not."
  57. Should animals be used in medical research? Discuss.
  58. "Should anything be "private" about the life of a public official? Discuss."
  59. Should beauty pageants for children be banned? Discuss.
  60. Should both parents assume equal responsibility in child rearing? Explain why or why not.
  61. Should children be disciplined by physical punishment? Discuss.
  62. Should cigarettes be made illegal? Why or why not?
  63. Should college physical education grades be included in the grade point average? Discuss why or why not.
  64. Should college students be required to attend classes? Discuss.
  65. Should college students be required to take physical education courses? Why or why not?
  66. Should college students be tested for AIDS? Discuss why or why not.
  67. Should college students have complete freedom to choose their own courses? Discuss.
  68. Should colleges make it optional for students to pay activity fees? Discuss why or why not.
  69. Should computer literacy be required of all college students? Discuss why or why not.
  70. Should content on the Internet be regulated? Why or why not?
  71. Should convicted lawbreakers be required to serve their full sentences without parole? Discuss.
  72. Should couples in the United States be discouraged from having more than two children? Discuss.
  73. Should court proceedings be televised? Explain why or why not.
  74. Should doctors be required to inform a patient when he or she probably has a short time to live?
  75. Should employers have the right to require their employees to take drug tests? Discuss why or why not.
  76. "Should English be the standard language in public schools, or should schools be required to offer classes in the language a student speaks at home? Discuss."
  77. Should every able-bodied citizen be required to serve for a certain period of time in some branch of the military service? Why or why not?
  78. Should every college include a community service component as part of its graduation requirements? Discuss.
  79. Should every college student take a course in public speaking? Discuss.
  80. Should fathers be given the same chance as mothers to gain custody of their minor children? Discuss.
  81. Should final examinations in college courses be comprehensive? Discuss.
  82. Should first-aid courses such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) be a required part of the college's curriculum? Discuss why or why not.
  83. Should foreign diplomats have diplomatic immunity? Discuss.
  84. "Should Georgia's legalized gambling system be expanded to include other types of gaming such as dog racing, horse racing, or casino betting? Why or why not?"
  85. Should government employees such as police officers and fire fighters have the right to strike? Discuss.
  86. Should government fund efforts to change people's habits if those habits are legal but clearly unhealthy? Discuss.
  87. Should government-owned wilderness areas be preserved? Discuss why or why not.
  88. Should grandparents be awarded visitation rights in a divorce decree? Why or why not?
  89. Should high school students be required to wear uniforms? Discuss why or why not.
  90. Should high school students go steady? Discuss why or why not.
  91. Should high schools provide day-care services for teenage parents? Why or why not.
  92. Should immigrants from other countries focus on trying to blend into the American culture or should they try to maintain much of their original culture? Discuss.
  93. Should law enforcement agencies be permitted to tap telephone lines? Explain.
  94. Should local governments pass a law restricting the ownership of dangerous pets such as pit bulldogs? Discuss why or why not.
  95. Should national and state governments set aside land for parks? Discuss.
  96. Should parents encourage their teenage children to work even if the family does not need the money?
  97. Should people accept it as their duty to take care of their aging parents? Discuss.
  98. Should people on welfare be forced to work? Explain why or why not.
  99. Should physicians be prevented from intentionally providing people with the means to commit suicide? Discuss.
  100. Should polygraph (lie detector) tests be used as a condition of employment? Discuss.
  101. "Should preserving endangered species take priority over jobs, development, and property rights? Why or why not?"
  102. Should prison inmates be allowed to take college courses? Explain why or why not.
  103. Should prostitution be legalized? Discuss.
  104. Should public agencies be required to inform parents if their minor children (those under 17) seek birth control? Discuss.
  105. Should schools establish dress codes? Discuss.
  106. Should sex education be taught in public schools? Why or why not?
  107. Should sex education programs emphasize the need for abstinence before marriage? Discuss.
  108. Should smoking in public places be illegal? Explain why or why not.
  109. Should state governments spend more money on school districts with low-achieving students than on districts with high-achieving students? Discuss.
  110. Should stricter laws be enacted banning billboards along our major highways? Why or why not?
  111. Should student evaluations of faculty members be made available to students? Discuss why or why not.
  112. Should tax dollars be used to subsidize public television and radio broadcasts? Discuss.
  113. Should teachers be required to pass competency tests? Discuss.
  114. Should teenaged children of divorced parents have the right to decide which parent to live with? Discuss.
  115. Should the advertisement of alcoholic beverages be banned from television? Discuss.
  116. Should the custom of tipping be abolished? Explain why or why not.
  117. Should the government allow unlimited numbers of refugees from political oppression to enter the U.S.? Discuss.
  118. "Should the government cut funds from educational, cultural, and welfare programs to support a strong defense budget? Discuss."
  119. Should the government do more to discourage cigarette smoking? Why or why not?
  120. Should the government increase taxes to help improve the standard of living of poor people? Discuss why or why not.
  121. Should the law require automobile drivers and passengers to use safety belts? Discuss.
  122. Should the legal driving age be raised to eighteen? Why or why not?
  123. Should the media show more respect for celebrities' desire for privacy? Discuss.
  124. Should the school year be extended to include longer hours and more days required to obtain a high school diploma? Discuss.
  125. Should the U.S. government subsidize our Olympic teams? Why or why not?
  126. "Should the United States Constitution be amended to allow "single-sex" public colleges and universities? Discuss."
  127. Should the United States offer foreign aid only to those nations which support our policies? Discuss.
  128. Should the United States severely restrict the import of foreign cars for sale in the United States? Discuss.
  129. Should two years of tuition-free education after high school graduation be guaranteed for all qualified citizens? Discuss.
  130. Should victims of crime be compensated? Explain.
  131. Should women in the military services be assigned combat duties? Discuss.
  132. Some doctors now believe that people make themselves sick with their attitudes and lifestyles. How much do you think people influence their own health through their attitudes and lifestyles?
  133. Some high school and college students commit suicide. Discuss reasons why.
  134. "Some people have argued that zoos are inhumane, that keeping animals captive is wrong. Discuss why you agree or disagree."
  135. "Some people have begun to regulate the hours of television that their children may watch each week by giving each child a "television allowance" time. Do you believe that this is a good idea? Why or why not?"
  136. "Some sociologists argue that if we look carefully at shopping malls, we will see in them many clues to our current values and attitudes. Discuss."
  137. Some states now permit single men and women to adopt children. Do you favor such a policy? Explain why or why not.
  138. "Some television series (such as M.A.S.H., The Andy Griffith Show and Seinfeld) have enjoyed a long life both in production and in reruns. Explain why."
  139. Some think that divorces are too easy to obtain today. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.
  140. "Students at public colleges currently pay, through tuition and fees, about one-fourth of the cost of their education; however, some people say students should pay a greater share of the cost. Argue for or against this proposal."
  141. Studies over the last twenty years have shown that academic dishonesty is on the rise in colleges across the United States. To what do you attribute this increase in cheating? Explain.
  142. "Suppose you were asked to teach a subject, sport, or activity of your choice. What would you teach and to whom would you teach it? Discuss."
  143. "Television has made America a nation of watchers, not doers. Agree or disagree."
  144. "The "Living Will" directs a person's family and physicians not to keep that person alive by artificial means if that person were to suffer a totally incapacitating disease or illness. Would you consider signing such a document and giving it to your own family? Why or why not?"
  145. The best things in life are free. Discuss why you agree or disagree with this statement.
  146. The changes brought on by the women's movement are typically seen as benefiting women. Do men also benefit from the women's movement? Discuss.
  147. The evidence shows that for many reasons the family-owned and family-run small farm is a vanishing American institution. Should this situation cause concern in American society? Why or why not?
  148. The Georgia legislature has restricted the privileges of teenage drivers. Discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages of these restrictions.
  149. The Supreme Court has ruled that public schools have the right to conduct searches of students' persons and property when there is reasonable cause to suspect the presence of weapons or drugs. Do you support or oppose such searches? Explain.
  150. The United States has never had a female president. To what do you attribute this? Discuss.
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