Introduction to the Additional Activities Unit Lesson

Personal Lines Students,

This section of the course contains practice exercises and job aids to enhance the learning and studying you have been doing throughout the course.  The exercises are puzzles, matching and fill-in-the blanks activities and job aids and charts/tables to assist you in your review of the course materials and state study manual.

As you work through the activities, try to answer the questions without the use of resources, i.e. state manual, notes, online course, etc.  This will give you an idea of areas where you need to concentrate on additional studying. You should feel free to use notes and/or the state study manual to go back and search for answers to the questions you were unable to answer on the first attempt.  The use of study aids will help you to remember these questions.  This section is practice only and the exercises and activities are not graded.

There is no right or wrong way to use these materials. The job aids and activities were designed to help you prepare for the course final exam, as well as the Florida state licensing exam.

Please continue to contact your instructor with questions during your final study preparations and best of luck your exams!  You can contact your instructor at

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