This is the opening screen to the Demo Insurance PassPrep Course. Remember, the Start button and Course Map are disabled in the demonstration questions. Just three questions are included in this demonstration.

Key elements of OLT's PassPrep courses:
1. Removes learning barriers.
2. Presents only right information.
3. Course map, you control what you study.
4. Gradually increases in complexity.
622. What is the name of the benefit for dismemberment? (ch 18)
a. The Principal sum is paid for accidental death.
b. Accidental Means requires that a violent and external cause must have caused the accident. Therefore any illnesses or voluntary acts of the insured that caused the injury will be cause to deny the claim.
c. The Capital sum is paid for dismemberment. Different dismemberment combinations will pay different percentages of the Principal sum in most policies.
d. Special risk policies are only issued to individuals with unusual characteristics or abilities.


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