•  24 hr CE - 2-15, 2-14 or 2-40 Health and Life Complete CE Bundle (INSCEB010FL24)

We are pleased to announce our new bundle of 24 hours of Health and Life (2-15, 2-14 and 2-40) Continuing Education Insurance courses offered at a special price, all State-approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services (FLDFS).  

The State of Florida requires you to take a Law and Ethics update course every 2 years, specific to the license held. Our Law and Ethics course satisfies this requirement for Health and Life Insurance Agents.

We have bundled additional hours of General Elective CE courses to fill out your State-mandated Continuing Education requirement.

This bundle contains:

5hr INSCE018 - Law and Ethics Update - Health and Life (4 hours Law & Ethics plus 1 hour general elective)
3hr INSCE032 - Health Care Today - How We Got Here
7hr INSCE034 - Health Insurance Policies and Provisions
5hr INSCE031 - Post-retirement Planning for Seniors
2hr INSCE013 - Medicare Today
2hr INSCE038 - COVID 19, Insurance, and Claims

All Health and Life Agents are required by law to have 24 hours of CE credits completed every two years; this is a quick and easy way to get all your hours in one easy registration process at a great price! We've never before offered a special deal like this, so register now!

You will have 45 days to finish all the courses in your bundle, so don't put it off! The INSCE018 - 5hr Law and Ethics Update PLUS (4 hours of Law & Ethics plus 1 hour general elective) is an annually expiring/renewed course that may have an expiration date before your 45 days are up; be sure to complete it first! The expiration date of that course is listed on the front page of the course.

FLDFS Course Approval Information:

Course Provider: OnLine Training, Inc. 
FLDFS Provider # 366468

FLDFS Course Approval numbers:

INSCE018 - 124370 (Law and Ethics Update PLUS- Health and Life )
INSCE031 - 99484 (Post-Retirement Planning for Seniors)
INSCE032 - 102080 (Health Care Today - How We Got Here)
INSCE013 - 73898 (Medicare Today)
INSCE038 - 117934 (COVID-19, Insurance, and Claims)
INSCE034 - 104714 (Health Insurance Policies and Provisions)

Provider Info
Provider Name OnLine Training
Provider # 366468
Course Approval # 5hr INSCE018 - 124370 5hr INSCE031 - 99484 3hr INSCE032 - 102080 2hr INSCE013 - 73898 2hr INSCE038 - 117934 7hr INSCE034 - 104714
Course Info
Satisfies State Requirements Florida
License Type 2-15, 2-14, 2-40
Course Length 24 hrs
Enrollment Length 45 days
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $49.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor Jeff King, Jerry Bateman, Larry Hartmann

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24 hr CE - 2-15, 2-14 or 2-40 Health and Life Complete CE Bundle (INSCEB010FL24)

  • Product Code: INSCEB010FL24
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