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I cannot refer to the prior page without having to start at page one. This is painfully slow instead of just hitting a back key.

When you use your browser's back button you may see a message like this:

Document Expired
This document is no longer available.
The requested document is not available in Firefox's cache.
  • As a security precaution, Firefox does not automatically re-request sensitive documents.
  • Click Try Again to re-request the document from the website.
If you do, this means that a standard settings on your browser is interfering with your course.  You can click Try Again, and it will allow you to back up. We have not been able to find a way of changing this automated setting. This is frustrating for all of us, and we hope that the browsers will soon stop interfering with your internet experience.

In order to help you navigate within the lessons of your course we have added "Jump Menus" to most of the courses.
You can use the jump menu to move to any content page within a lesson, The jump menus should be linked in the top left of your screen, in the Lesson menu.  Each of these menus has 3-5 jumps. 

We usually do not link to page that contain only questions, so re-reading all of the jump pages and the pages linked from there, will allow you to study the entire course.

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