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  • Physical Security "The Vault": 7000lb stainless steel door vault surrounded with 18 inches of steel reinforced concrete. Courtesy - LiteSpeed Technologies.
  • Data Security: Natural Gas Electric Generator Back up Batteries 1 terabyte of nightly backup.
  • Uptime Security: Multiple connections to the Internet.
  • Electronic Security: Lucent Fire Wall Technology.
  • Multi-Media Support: Real Audio /Real Video.
  • E-Commerce: Mercantec, Verisign, PGP, CyberCash, CardServices International.
  • Web statistics Analyzers: WebTrends.
  • Web Marketing: AAA Promotions, ValueClick.
  • Co-Location: 100 MBPs Ethernet.
  • Connectivity Ratio: Highest Bandwidth to website ratio in the industry.

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