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Global Learn Day

Global Learn Day
October 12-13, 2019

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If you are not already a partner with OLT, your school can become one. Start offering courses in the areas of Insurance Pre-licensing and Continued Education, Professional and Personal Development, Corporate Training and Basic Adult Education (GED) online using OLT's already prepared courses. Once you have an agreement with OLT, your school representative and an OLT webmaster work together to set up a website similar to this at the OLT site at no additional charge. The webpage we create for your school tracks your enrollments.  OLT provides course descriptions and material about the courses online at the OLT website.

To become a partner please contact OLT directly at (866) 357-0841 or email

Being a Reseller Recipient

A number of commercial resellers routinely approach OLT seeking to enroll their students in our courses.  When this occurs we  prefer to pass students to colleges when possible. While most commercial resellers enroll just a few to several students a month, some commercial resellers are enrolling over 500 students a year in OLT courses.  We have noted that some colleges are providing volume discounts to commercial clients. If you would be interested in establishing a “discount” relationship with commercial resellers in your area, please let us know.

To find out how you can leverage our reseller partnerships to add more students to your rolls by taking OLT courses, contact us for more information by clicking here.


With the increase in acceptance of online courses has come a swarm of course providers each positioning themselves in the market place for success.  These course providers typically sell through commercial resellers. Most simply offer a lower price product.  Most simply teach the test, or seek to make the course as appealing and easy to complete as possible.  OLT focuses our effort on making our online courses as effective as possible knowing that the pedagogy we use often means focusing students to work harder and learn better. Most, if not all of the competition generates a course, receives approval and begins offering the course but has a limited ability to keep their course up to date.  Here at OLT we follow a well published instructional design model that is iterative by design.  That is to say, student feedback and changes in state law or the industry can be reflected in literally daily and weekly changes to our courses. Each change is authored by a subject matter expert and is reviewed before being incorporated in the online course.

In the past we have published in peer reviewed forum on the topic of instructional design, factors associated with increased cognitive transfer of knowledge, adult motivation and learning applications, online students, marketing online courses, program management and most recently pass rates.

If you are interested in receiving and or discussing OLT’s research, please let us know.

OnLine Training offers Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep (which we call PassPrep), and Continuing Education courses. To see our full range of course offerings, go to our course catalog.OLT courses also boast higher scores in the courses compared to courses taken in a classroom or college setting.To download more information click here.

Increasingly we are being asked about pass rates.  Dr. Redding has been publishing on this topic for the past year.  The self-reported pass rate (student reported) for OLT courses is above 97%.  The instructional design indicates that online OLT students out perform classroom based students by more than a standard deviation.  The State of Florida reports an overall pass rate of about 42%.  The latest published provider pass rate has several OLT partner colleges with pass rates of 100%. Others have lower pass rates.  We note that OLT’s overall pass rate is 62% while Florida State College at Jacksonville has a published pass rate of 50% and Indian River College has a published pass rate of 30%.  If you would like to talk about pass rates, please let us  know.

To contact us for more information-
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Mail us: OnLine Training, Inc.
2669 Forest Hill Blvd. STE. 207
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Call us: Phone Number: (561) 283-0333
FAX Number: (561) 357-4957

New Courses!

2-14 Life (including Annuities and Variable Contracts) Pre-Licensing Course - new prelicensing course for the Life-only agent wanting to get their 2-14 license.

Securities Training courses now available through our educational partner!

Canadian GED courses now available - Canada has a different exam than used in the United States, so we have created a version of our GED prep courses to meet the needs of Canadians!

New CE Courses Approved!

5HR Law & Ethics Update Package (11 hrs) -Florida 6-20 All Lines Adjustors can get some general elective CE credits taken care of at the same time as the 5-hour Law & Ethics requirement (not approved for 3-20 public adjusters)!

5HR Law & Ethics Update Package (9 hrs) -Florida Property and Casualty Agents can get some general elective CE credits taken care of at the same time as the 5-hour Law & Ethics requirement (approved for 2-20, 4-40, and 20-44 licenses)!


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Become an OLT Affiliate! Share a link on your website or by email to our courses and earn a percentage commission on any sale made through your link! Click here to learn more!

Congratulations Dr. Redding!

Dr. Terrence R. Redding, Founder, President and CEO of OnLine Training, Inc. was awarded the Malcom Knowles award this past February. The award, given by the International Society of Self-Directed Learning (ISSDL) recognizes excellence in promoting self-directed learning. Over his distinguished career, Dr. Redding has published research papers, articles and chapters in books focused on self-directed learning and has taught graduate seminars in self-directed learning for the University of Oklahoma. He has over twenty years of involvement with Global Learn Day, an initiative of the Benjamin Franklin Institute for Education, which promotes distance education and technology, where he emphasizes the importance of self-directed learning. Additionally, Dr. Redding promoted self-directed learning in a NASA-approved project with the South Florida Science Museum in 2014. In this project, Dr. Redding connected more than 160,000 high school students with astronauts at the International Space Station via Amateur Radio.

The International Society for Self-Directed Learning (ISSDL) is dedicated to the promotion of self-directed lifelong learning and to the encouragement and dissemination of continued research on self-directed learning both within and outside of institutional contexts: in childhood education, higher education, adult education, training and human resource development, as well as formal and informal contexts.



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