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In today’s competetive market, companies find it necessary to invest in employees with high levels of skills, knowledge, and committment.

OLT Research Institute TM Persistence Research

SUBJECT: Research Question concerning agent persistence in the insurance industry.

Did you know that only 42% of students who apply pass the Florida insurance agent pre-licensing examination.

Did you know that of the individuals who pass the state examination fewer than 5% remain in the industry longer than two years?

OLT Research Institute, a subsidiary of OnLine Training, Inc. (OLT) is considering the question "Why do some insurance agents persist in the insurance industry while others do not?"

Phase one of the research process has been completed with over 5,000 pre-licensing students surveyed to determine factors associated with their persistence in the industry. These were students enrolled primarily through Florida community colleges and other educational partners of OLT. All were students who took their pre-licensing course online. OLT is now looking for insurance companies to participate in phase two of the research.

Phase two requires OLT to compare its student based results with corporate results. Insurance companies that participate in the study will be invited to submit survey questions and have access to their results, plus the comparative analysis. If you would like to participate in the survey, please click here!

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