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If you have problems logging onto a course try these steps... (although they seem simple they usually work)

1. Make sure that the address or URL that you are typing is all lower case(not A ComBinAtion) it should start htttp://
2. Make sure that both your user name and your password are also lower case. (ie... icc.569....83875)
3. Make sure that there are no spaces in the URL or in the user name and password (this includes before and after the letters or numbers)
4. Make sure that there is a period ( . ) between the letters (ie... icc) and the numbers (ie. 569)
5. For those users new to the computer the / is called a forward slash and is found on the right hand side of your keyboard between the shift and the period
6. Also for those new to the compurter : is to the right of the L and You must press and hold the shift button down while you pres that key

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