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Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) – This course will teach you both writing and reading skills. First, this course will teach you to comprehend and interpret workplace and academic reading selections and to apply those interpretations to new contexts. The questions ask you to understand, apply, analyze, and synthesize information that you are given in the reading selections.

You will be exposed to all forms of literature. You will be trained on how to interpret what you have read in popular literature, classical literature, and commentary written about literature, music, fine arts, poetry, and drama. The purpose of this section is to help you become a discerning reader on these subjects. You will learn how to analyze style and structure elements in selected passages.

Then, you will learn the elements of standard English, sentence structure, and pronoun usage. A composition of approximately 250 words is also required. 

You will practice application of new information to a situation, and appreciate quality in art, and literature. You will have the opportunity to learn the difference between sentence fragments and complete sentences. You will learn pronoun usage, basic spelling rules, and punctuation. You will learn paragraph structure and the four types of writing; narrative, descriptive, informative, and persuasive. Upon satisfactory completion of this portion of the course, you should be able to successfully pass the final for the course and perform acceptably on the (RLA) portion of the GED test. Register here.