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    INS003FL60 - Health & Life (Including Annuities & Variable Contracts)
    Pre-Licensing Course (2-15 Agent)

    This is a demo version of the Life and Health Pre-Licensing course.  We have included only the first of four parts.  You can purchase the course here.

    Welcome to the online Health & Life (Including Annuities & Variable Contracts) Agent Pre-licensing course. You will enjoy being able to study when you want, what you want and for as long as you want. With this online course, you control your progress and we ensure you are exposed to all the information you will need to be successful not only on the state exam, but also as a new Health & Life (Including Annuities & Variable Contracts) Agent.

    This course is structured with the right content, delivered in small quantities, with learning assured through frequent fill-in-the-blank questions, elements of information emphasized and instructor guided learning. Several tools are provided to make your learning straightforward and comprehensive. The current edition of the Florida Health and Life (including Annuities and Variable Contracts) Manual should be studied (and is required by state law) along with this course. You can purchase this book online here.

    Lessons, Quizzes and Exams

    Your course contains Lessons, Quizzes and Exams. Lessons are not graded (the grade shown is for your information only). Lessons should be repeated as often as possible until you are confident you know the material.

    There is one quiz per chapter. They do not become visible until you have taken the associated Lessons.  Quizzes combined together are worth 25% of your final grade. You may attempt the quizzes as many times as you wish. Your highest score will be used. However, if you don't score at least a 70%, restudy the content and retake the quiz a second time. You must score at least a 70% to continue on.

    Also included are four exams (Life, Health, Florida-Specific Laws and Statutes, and a Course Final). These exams when combined together account for 75% of your final grade. Like the quizzes, you may attempt the exams as many times as needed to achieve a 70% or higher. Your highest score will be used.

    Once you pass the final exam, you MUST fill out and submit your "Grade Submittal Form" in order for the college or OLT to receive your course completion. Please don't forget to check the box that says "Required - By checking this box, I affirm........" or else the college or OLT will NOT receive your course completion.


    Should you have any content (insurance) questions, you may contact your instructor. Should you have any technical issues or questions, please contact the registrar at or call OnLine Training toll-free at 866-357-0841. For those that purchased their course directly from OnLine Training, you may contact us for any questions on Registration or Certificates of Completion.

    For those who may have purchased this course through a local Florida College, direct all registration and Certificates of Completion questions to them.

    Important Note: By taking this course, you acknowledge that you are required to answer all questions unassisted by any person, course material or other aides. You further acknowledge that a violation of this shall result in the loss of course credit and administrative sanction by the Florida Department of Financial Services.


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