Meet the Faculty


All OnLine Training faculty members have years of practical experience. Each has been very successful in past endeavors.
We have joined together to create uniquely practical courses that directly meet the needs of our students.



 GED & Basic Adult Education

James L. Harned, Ph.D., Director, Basic Adult Education, has been involved in basic adult education for more than 18 years. Jim holds a doctoral degree in Distance and Adult Education, with a minor in Distance Education from the University of Oklahoma. He has designed and conducted adult education programs in New Mexico and Oklahoma. He specializes in basic adult education and G.E.D. educational programs. He prefers to author courses for delivery in the TopClass virtual classroom, a product of Web Based Training, Systems. While in his doctoral program he designed and taught remedial education courses that enabled marginal students to function satisfactorily in college level courses. He further provided the university faculty with courses on the use of the internet and distance education instructional design. He is the author of the OLT Basic Adult Education series and the lead instructor - teacher - educator in that program. His passions include seeking ways individuals can develop educationally and aiding his students in achieving their personal and professional goals. He seeks to create online learning environments that foster success. Dr. Harned joined OLT in 1998.
Sandra A. KingSandra A. King is GED coordinator at OLT. She has a been working with OLT's GED program for 7 years. She has a 16 year background in editing academic papers, chapters and publication, seven years of experience in marketing and five years of experience in website design and Internet based systems administration. She is the person at OLT who sets up web accounts, puts new courses online, and keeps the website looking clean. Her bright response to new situations is uniformly insightful and refreshing. Sandra joined OLT in 1998.

Valerie Dunn, M.S. is from Canoga Park California. President of GET IT DUNN INC., she specializes in adult education, curriculum development and test taking strategies. Her work with the Los Angeles County Office of Continuing Education involved curriculum development for adult teacher training. While at LACOE she also taught all of the courses for which she developed the curriculum. These courses include Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and General Science.

Valerie brings a joy of teaching and an enthusiastic approach to web based instruction. She is highly motivated in helping students prepare for and complete all of their educational goals. Valerie Dunn joined OLT in 2001.

Nanci LeMaster joined the OLT team as a GED instructor in 2001. Nanci has 18 years experience in adult education as a teacher and program administrator. Her undergraduate degree in Learning Disabilities and Masters degree in Alternative Education with administrative endorsement provides her with knowledge and skills that supports teaching and learning.

Recently, Nanci has been involved in curriculum development for online learning.


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