Meet the Faculty & Staff
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All OnLine Training faculty members have years of practical experience. Each has been very successful in past endeavors.
We have joined together to create uniquely practical courses that directly meet the needs of our students.



Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., President and CEO of OnLine Training, has been designing and teaching adult education courses since 1968. Terry is a past W. K. Kellogg Fellow and has a doctoral degree in Adult and Higher Education. He has a Masters in the Psychology of Education and is an honors graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. His research has dealt with adult motivation theory and the origins of self-directed learning readiness. He has specialized in cognitive learning models and is the co-developer of the Honeycutt Redding Cognitive Task Analysis Model.

For the past ten years he has been involved in an on going series of research projects associated with the development of high self-directed learning readiness. Of great significance is the finding that children between ages 8 and 15, who become high self-directed learners, typically share a common childhood experience. Redding has labeled this experience "the first moment of lasting excitement." High self-directed learners who share this common experience can remember some event that has captured their imagination for life. Typically these individuals find their life long learning endeavors in some way tied to this "first moment of lasting excitement."

He held his first insurance license in 1974 and was again licensed 1989 through 1992 as part of his responsibilities at the Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher Education. More recently Terry has been the Director of Corporate Training and Corporate Computer Training at Palm Beach Atlantic College. He is the author of numerous referred chapters dealing with adult learning theory. He is the founder of OnLine Training Institute and Redding College.


Corporate Staff and Institutional Administration

Maria ArbonaMaria Torres - Arbona is OLT's Office Manager. Her pleasant personality makes her a joy to work with. She is the reason that OLT runs so smoothly. She is the contact person for all corporate partners, and handles all major student problems. Her bilingual skills are often a blessing for a large number of our students. Maria also manages Dr. Redding's schedule and can coordinate his schedule with those needing to meet with him. Her background includes work as a legal secretary and college registrar. Maria has worked with Dr. Redding since before the founding of OLT. First, as the Assistant to the Director of Corporate Training when they were both at Palm Beach Atlantic College, and then as the first employee of OLT after its founding in 1997.
Talisa DominquezTalisa Dominguez is OLT's Registrar. As OLT's main contact with students as they register for courses, Talisa provides an important relationship to our students and staff. Her friendly and courteous manner ensures that anyone who contacts OLT will receive quality service and undivided attention. Currently a student in Palm Beach County, Talisa is pursuing her degree in the medical field.
Mary Elizabeth FabianMary Elizabeth Fabian, our Compliance Manager, started at OLT as an assistant working in Registrations and Compliance. She specialized in course development, editing, and marketing. She has over a decade of experience in detailed editing and is extremely customer service oriented. Through her church and other local civic organizations Mary Elizabeth has gained extensive leadership experience and has been in charge of motivating groups towards new and exciting goals. Mary Eilzabeth brings to OLT and analytical mind, friendly disposition and drive for improvement in all areas. As Compliance Manager, Mary Eilzabeth supervises Technology and Marketing with her main area of concentration in Course Development and Approval. Mary Elizabeth has been with OLT since 2001.
Sandra A. KingSandra A. King is Web Mistress and GED coordinator at OLT. She has a 16 year background in editing academic papers, chapters and publication, seven years of experience in marketing and five years of experience in website design and Internet based systems administration. She is the person at OLT who sets up web accounts, puts new courses online, and keeps the website looking clean. Her bright response to new situations is uniformly insightful and refreshing. Sandra joined OLT in 1998.
Barbara A. Redding is OLT's Finance Coordinator. She has studied at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. She works on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the Finance office. Mrs. Redding brings to OLT a sharp mind that is well equipped for finance related problems. She has volunteered at OLT and various civic organizations through out the years, but has been with OLT as an employee since March of 2005.
Wendy K. SadonWendy K. Sadon is our graphics artist from Valley Center, California. She brings a love of colors and textures to the web. Early in her career she specialized in translucent mediums such as candles and stained glass. Today her light touch with pastels and soft colors brings a distinctive look to her web art work. In addition to her work with graphics, Wendy does HTML coding. The marketing team works with Wendy to design promotional pieces, brochures and new art work. Wendy joined OLT in 2001.
OnLine Training InstituteOnLine Training Institute is our Compliance Officer and handles the many issues that are required to ensure our courses are updated and properly documented as needed to meet all state regulations.   As OLT expands its offerings into mutliple areas of education and development, Melody's position becomes a key factor in establishing appropriate relationships with regulatory and licensing agencies as new programs are launched.
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