Corporate Training

What is Corporate Training?

A division within OnLine Training, Inc. (OLT) that works with you to develop cost effective strategies for meeting your organization's compliance and continuing education requirements, or arranges group-rate discounts for existing courses.

The Corporate Training Division of OLT works with your organization to develop and provide the courses that your business needs to meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

We work directly with the subject matter expert (SME) provided by you to develop the courses that you need when you need it.

Bring your outside compliance, continuing education, policy updates and more in house to ensure that your personnel receive proper training.  All content delivery is via the Internet and can be accessed onsite or anywhere in the world.

Bulk Enrollment in Existing Courses

If you have multiple employees/agents you'd like to enroll in an existing pre-licensing or CE course, contact OLT today for information on group rates. We will meet any competitor's offer on group rates/cohort groups!

Develop Your Company's Own Courses

Almost any training you do in-house can be adapted to be completed online. Advantages of course development by OLT as opposed to the traditional classroom model are:

  1. Easier distribution of new material to your employees.
  2. Each student is able to work through the material at their own pace to meet their deadlines.
  3. OnLine Training ensures improved and verifiable learning outcomes. Students learn what they need to learn. Focus_71.pdf
  4. Instant verification of student comprehension upon course completion.
  5. Self-certification component for each student completing a course.
  6. No more excuses! Scheduling conflicts, travel expenses and attendance issues become nonexistent.

OLT saves time and money by:

  • Ensuring that your corporate training and brand recognition meets today’s industry standards.
  • Using your own Subject Matter Expert and materials so your company controls training costs.
  • Converting on-site training to an online format using your materials and your Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Providing options that enhance the learning experience anywhere there is internet connectivity for your employees.
  • No minimum class size required. Train anyone when you need to.
  • No transportation costs. Educate more people for less money than traditional classroom training sessions.
  • Provide training and educational programs to widely dispersed students.
  • Monthly billing, which allows multiple students to go through our training program with one payment.
  • Provide feedback to Training Managers so that they are kept abreast of their student progress.
  • Provide verification of completion and/or certificates of completion

To view the Corporate Training Brochure click here.

To view a demo of a short course that addresses a compliance topic for all employees of a company (and industry), click here. (Username and Password = demo)

To apply to be a course author/instructor/SME, click here.

Contact us now to find out how we can get you started in providing Corporate Training to your employees or clients.

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