OLT Affiliate Agreement – Terms and Conditions

  1. The purpose of this agreement is to establish an Affiliate relationship between two parties, the Affiliate, and OnLine Training, Inc. (OLT). It is a limited agreement. Either party has a right to terminate the agreement based on a written 30-day notice to the other party.
  2. Under this Agreement the Affiliate is authorized to refer any individual, business or educational institution to OLT for the purchase of one or more courses. OLT courses are defined as any course OLT is authorized to sell. The Affiliate will be paid a referral fee on a per-student basis.
  3. The OnLine Training Institute affiliate program is free and enables a person or company to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their own, current web site (which has no relationship to OLT, and is not created or maintained by OLT), that advertises and links to OnLine Training Institute or specific products on the OLT website. Links may also be placed in your promotional emails to refer students to our courses. Any sales made to customers who have clicked through those links and make a purchase will earn the affiliate commission.
  4. The standard commission rate is currently 7% of any course purchased by following your affiliate link, which is not later refunded due to a course cancellation. Affiliates do not receive a commission on any courses that are refunded. (Students requesting a refund have to meet either the re-seller's or OLT's requirements for receiving the refund. If the student's refund request is approved, their money will be refunded to them minus a $25.00 processing fee.)
  5. Affiliates are paid on the 26th of every month by check if their account balance has the minimum amount of $30.00, otherwise, the earned commission will be held until the month your balance reaches $30.00 and then paid out.
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