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is a one stop, full service online training solutions provider. Contact us to discuss your online education or training needs. We offer free consultation over the phone. We will help you develop exciting ways to use the Internet to distribute training and information.

OnLine Training

opened its virtual doors to students in 1997.   Since then we have been a leader in online education for Insurance Pre-Licensing courses, Pre- Licensing Exam Prep courses, and Continuing Education courses.   We are dedicated to finding new ways to help students learn over the internet and pioneering virtual classroom teaching strategies that actually work for our students.   Our focus on excellence in these areas has led to us having some of the highest passrates in the Industry for our Insurance Pre-licensing courses.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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October 2018

Global Learn Day, a world-wide celebration of education that takes place over the Internet and other media platforms was held October 6th and 7th online via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This marked the 21st Global Learn Day, which began in the 1990’s via chatrooms and audio conferencing. Past notable presenters included Nelson Mandela and Vint Cerf. While the platforms have changed, the mission of Global Learn Day – to promote One Planet, One People while celebrating humankind’s continued education – has not. Read More

July 2018

This year online commerce has self-imposed major upgrades to tighten and improve the security of financial transactions. For organizations like OLT that has driven an upgrade process to ensure even greater security of our student's personal pieces of information and to minimize data collection to include only those elements of information necessary to place students in courses and report their completions to the State. At the same time, we upgraded our server hardware and operating system to improve speed, security and capacity, therefore both our learning management system and online catalog have been updated. They are linked through server-side programming to provide students with a secure enrollment center that allows a student to select a course or courses, enroll in the course, pay and then have immediate access as soon as payment is confirmed.

Hardware has been upgraded to increase parallel processing power by a factor of eight. This means students now enjoy a more responsive learning environment that can support an 800% increase in our online students. Interaction with course content is much faster.

Our goal is to make the enrollment process as easy as possible, to place students in a highly effective learning environment that will continue to support the growing number of online students. We invite our educational partners, resellers, affiliates, instructors and course authors to provide comments and suggestions on how best to accomplish those goals.

June 2018

INSCE034FL7 - Health Insurance Policies and Provisions course approval by the FLDFS

OLT released another $40 CE bundle in June -
INSCEB007FL24 - ACA 3-20 Public Adjusters CE Bundle (not good for 6-20 All-Lines Adjusters) - (All their required CE for price of one course)

May 2018

Course approval by the FLDFS:

INSCE025FL16b - approved 5/24/18

OLT Sale:

Did You Know OLT offers Professional Development Courses?

April 2018

Course approvals by the FLDFS and releases:

INSCE016 ACA Law and Policy -APPROVED 4/26/18
INSCE018FL5d 5hr Law & Ethics Update - L&H - APPROVED 4/24/18
INSCE019FL5d 5hr Law & Ethics Update - P&C (King) - APPROVED 4/23/18
INSCE033FL2 Consumer-Driven Health Care (Hartmann) - APPROVED 4/20/18
OLT released another $40 CE bundle in April -

INSCEB006FL24 - ACA 6-20 Adjusters CE Bundle (not good for 3-20 Public Adjusters) - (All their required CE for price of one course)

OLT Promotion:

Retirement Financial Planning Courses

March 2018

Approvals by the FLDFS and releases:

INSCE030b 5hr Law & Ethics - P&C - approved 3/22/18
INSCE024c 5hr Law & Ethics - 6-20 - approved 3/29/18
OLT released another $40 CE bundle - INSCEB005FL24 - Health and Life CE Bundle (All their required CE for price of one course)

OLT Sale:

OLT Spring Break News

February 2018

OLT released two $40 CE bundles: (All their required CE for price of one course) -
INSCEB003FL24 - Property and Casualty CE Bundle
INSCEB004FL10 - CSR (4-40) CE Bundle

January 2018

OLT released three pre-licensing and study aid bundles:
INSHLB001 Health and Life Bundle #1 - PL & PP
INSHLB002 Health and Life Bundle #2 - PL & Ex
INSHLB003 Health and Life Bundle #3 - PL, PP & Ex

OLT Promotion:

OLT 2-20 Review
OLT 20-44 Review
OLT 4-40 Review
OLT 6-20 Review
OLT 2-15 Review
OLT 4-40 Review


Happy New Year!

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November 2017

OLT visited with the FLDFS and four Florida college partners: Hillsborough Community College, Pasco Hernando State College, Santa Fe College, and Tallahassee Community College. President/CEO Dr. Terrence Redding and General Manager Brad Weishaupt met with the staff members with which we work at each of the colleges, and author/instructor Jan Bradburn joined us for the meeting at the FLDFS with some of the leadership there: Jean Jeune, Insurance Regulation Administrator, Clay Tidwell, Government Operations Consultant II, and Paul Hirko, Insurance Examiner II.

October 2017

OLT released our 26th course this year, INSCE032 Health Care Today.

Press Release - September 2017
OnLine Training Inc. (OLT) is pleased to announce that we came through Hurricane Irma with very few problems. Even though our area suffered electricity loss for a few days, Internet disconnection for a week and phone disruption for two weeks, our contingency plans allowed us to continue serving students and site visitors without a hitch.

OLT’s courses and website continued to be accessible to the public throughout the storm and afterwards from a high-security data center featuring a Category 5 Hurricane Resistant Design with full generator backup. OLT’s main offices lost two workdays due to the storm and loss of electricity, but student support continued by forwarding all phone calls to OLT West in Colorado. Internet service in the office was down for a week, but we continued our Internet-related work by utilizing a cellular hotspot and connecting all our office computers to it. Phone service was out the longest in the office, but phone calls were forwarded to staff cell phones, so we had very little disruption in student support. 

All this goes to prove OLT is here for you, and we can weather just about any storm! You can depend on OLT!

OLT celebrated our 20th birthday this year. OnLine Training was incorporated on June 27,1997. All authors, instructors, employees, resellers, and partners were invited to come celebrate OLT’s 20th Anniversary with usat a catered dinner on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

OnLine Training is pleased to offer the following new discounted Insurance Course Bundles

So far in 2017, OLT has offered the discounts below

- 15% off our CE Courses.
- 20% off our CE Courses to celebrate OLT's 20th birthday.

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of May:

INSCE032 Health Care Today - How We Got Here - Florida
INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Texas
INSCE028a - Life Insurance CE - Maryland
INSCE028a - Life Insurance (CE) - Colorado
INSCE028a - Life Insurance - North Carolina
INSCE019FL5c - 5-hr Law & Ethics - P&C - Florida
INSCE018FL5c - 5-hr Law & Ethics - Life & Health - Florida

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of April:

INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - North Carolina
INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Oregon

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of March:

INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Pennsylvania
INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Maryland
INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Iowa
INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Colorado
INSCE031 Post-retirement Planning for Seniors - Florida
INSCE024FL8b - 5-hr Law & Ethics Update Course for 6-20 Adjusters - Florida

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of February:

INSCE027a - Health Insurance CE (8 hrs) - Colorado
INSCE007a - Flood Insurance - Colorado
INSCE022a - Property & Casualty - Commercial Lines - Colorado

INSCE022a Property & Casualty - Commercial Lines - Oregon
INSCE007a Flood Insurance - Oregon
INSCE008a Hurricanes - Oregon

INSCE008a Hurricanes - North Carolina

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March Madness CE Sale

OLT launches its first-ever half-price sale on select Florida CE courses during the month of March. Click here for information and to register for this limited time offer!

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of December:

INSCE008a Hurricanes - Approved in Pennsylvania
INSCE030FL10 Law & Ethics Update Bundle for Property and Casualty - Approved in Florida
INSCE007a Flood - Approved in North Carolina
INSCE022a Property and Casualty - Commercial Lines - Approved in Texas
INSCE007a Flood - Approved in Texas
INSCE008a Hurricanes - Approved in Texas
INSCE008a Hurricanes - Approved in North Carolina
INSCE001 Elements of Life Insurance - Approved in Florida
INSCE002 Elements of Health Insurance - Approved in Florida
INSCE004 - 3-HR Ethics Course Online (Ethics in the Ins. Ind.) - Approved in Florida
INSCE005 - Health Savings Accounts and the Medicare Drug Benefit - Approved in Florida
INSCE007 - Flood Insurance Concepts - Approved in Florida
INSCE009 - Ethics and the Client - Approved in Florida
INS007FL200 - 2-20 General Lines Agent Online Only Course - Approved in Florida
INS016FL40 - 4-40 to 2-20 Conversion Online Only Course - Approved in Florida
INS013FL40 - Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation Course (ACA) Online - Approved in Florida
INS005FL40 - Registered Customer Representative Designation COurse (RCSR) Online - Approved in Florida
INSCE027a - Health - Approved in Oregon

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of November:

INSCE029 Ethics in the Industry for 3-20 Adjusters - Approved In Florida
INSCE028 Life Insurance CE - Approved in Florida (is state-specific)
INSCE008a Hurricanes - Approved in Maryland ("Home State")
INSCE008 Hurricanes Approved in Iowa
INSCE007a Flood - Approved in Iowa
INSCE022a Commercial Lines - Approved in Iowa
INSCE022a Property and Casualty - Commercial Lines - Approved in North Carolina
INSCE027a Health - Approved in North Carolina
INSCE027a Health - Approved in Texas

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of October:

INSCE025 5hr Law & Ethics Bundle Course for 3-20 Public Adjusters (12 hours) - Approved In Florida
INSCE004a - Ethics in the Ins. Ind. - Approved in Pennsylvania
INSCE027a Health Insurance - Approved in Iowa
applied for and received Instructor Approval for James Drake in Maryland, so we can submit INSCE008 Hurricanes

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of September:

INSCE026FL14 P&C Insurance CE (14 hours)

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of June:

INSCE004a - Ethics in the Insurance Industry CE (3 hrs) - Maryland
INSCE007a - Flood Insurance Concepts (3 hours) - Pennsylvania by reciprocity from MD
INSCE021a - Property and Casualty Insurance (6 hours) - Pennsylvania by reciprocity from MD
INSCE027a - Health Insurance (8 hours) - Pennsylvania by reciprocity from MD

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of May:

INSCE027a - Health Insurance CE (8 hrs) - Maryland
INSCE018FL6 - 6-Hour Law & Ethics L&H (King) (6hrs CE= 5hr Law & Ethics, plus 1hr general elective)

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of April:

INSCE027FL8 - Health Insurance CE (8 hrs)
INSCE019FL6 - 6-Hour Law & Ethics P&C (King) (6hrs CE= 5hr Law & Ethics, plus 1hr general elective)

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of March:

INSCE024FL8 - 5-Hour Law & Ethics for 6-20 All-Lines Adjusters (8hrs CE= 5hr Law & Ethics, plus 3hr general elective)

OLT is pleased to announce the following courses were State-approved in the month of February:

INSCE007a - Flood Insurance Concepts - Maryland
INSCE022a - Property and Casualty - Commercial Lines - Maryland

Dr. Redding Presents at the 30th International Self-Directed Learning Symposium

Dr. Redding created and presented a 26 minute YouTube video honoring the first Malcolm Knowles Memorial Self-Directed Learning Award, Dr. Huey B. Long. Dr. Long founded the Symposium in 1986.

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OnLine Training releases their first-ever discounted CE Bundles!

For a limited time, you can reserve your spot now for your entire required 24 hours of CE for an unbelievable $35.00! Registration is good for two years; you may complete the coursework anytime in that time period. Click here for for information and to register!

Conversion Course now approved for multiple licenses.

State law has changed, and now our 40-hour Conversion course can now convert three kinds of licenses into a 2-20 license, after one year as a duly licensed and appointed 4-40 (Customer Representative), 0-55 (Service Representative), or 20-44 (Personal Lines Agent). After taking this course and working your one year, you will be eligible to sit for the 2-20 State Exam. Click here for more information!

OLT hires new employees, promotes two.

In 2015 OLT hired Ashley DeJesus as Assistant Registrar, Eileen Soncini to help with Compliance, and Branden Hernandez for some temporary Marketing help. Brad Weishaupt is promoted to General Manager, and Albretta Husik is promoted to Office Manager.

New 60 hr 2-15 Pre-Licensing course approved for Florida.

Florida approves our new course, INS003FL60 - "Florida Health and Life (inclusing Annuities and Variable Contracts) 60-hour pre-licensing course, based on the FLDFS updated course outline after the Florida Legislature passed bills that changed the number of hours required for students to take from 40 hours to 60. This course (and license) used to be called Life, Health and Variable Annuities," before the Florida Legislature made their changes.

New 60 hr 20-44 Pre-Licensing course approved for Florida.

Florida approves our new course, INS015FL60 - "Florida 20-44 Personal Lines Agent - 60 hr - Pre-Licensing Course." Jan Bradburn wrote the new course (INS015FL60) based on the FLDFS updated course outline after the Florida Legislature passed bills that changed the number of hours required for students to take from 52 hours to 60.
New Law and Ethics CE course approved.

Florida approves our new course, INSCE018FL5 - "5hr Law and Ethics Update - Life, Health and Variable Annuities." Jeff King wrote the new course (INSCE018) to focus on ethics and law topics in the Health and Life area to help agents meet the FLDFS requirements that agents take a law and ethics course every year.
New Law and Ethics CE course approved.

Florida approves our new course, INSCE019FL5 - "5hr Law and Ethics Update - Property and Casualty." Jeff King wrote the new course (INSCE019) to focus on ethics and law topics in the Property and Casualty area to help agents meet the FLDFS requirements that agents take a law and ethics course every year.
New Law and Ethics CE course approved.

Florida approves our new course, INSCE020FL5 - "5hr Law and Ethics Update - Property and Casualty." Joe Donovan wrote the new course (INSCE020) to focus on Property and Casualty issues to help agents meet the FLDFS requirements that agents take a law and ethics course every year.
New Personal Lines CE course approved.

Florida approves our new course, INSCE021 - "Property and Casualty - Personal Lines (6 hrs)." Joe Donovan has written a new course (INSCE021) based on Personal Lines insurance.
New Commercial Lines CE course approved.

Florida approves our new course, INSCE022 - "Property and Casualty - Commercial Lines (6 hrs)." Joe Donovan has written a new course (INSCE022) based on Commercial Lines insurance.
OLT moves to a new server.
OLT has moved to a new server that will support more students and is 400 times faster and nearly 8 times more capable of withstanding student loads then our old server. Immediately upon the new server going online students started commenting on how the new server has greatly improved their experience within our courses.

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OLT is expanding.

OLT has started a new division within the company to cover corporate training. Our new Director of Corporate Training, Brad Weishaupt, is looking forward to working with companies and colleges that would like to lessen their compliance and other types of training costs and customize their training to meet their companies needs. For more information click here.
OLT is expanding.

OLT hires Albretta Husik to serve as Operations Manager, learning all positions to be able to help out where needed, especially in the Finance Department.

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OLT releases a new tutorial that is available in all states.

INS017 - “Property and Casualty Tutorial” is now available in all states and can be used as a pre-licensing tool for those states that do not require “an approved pre-licensing course”, or as a tutorial where “approved pre-licensing courses are required. A book is also available to accompany it at our bookstore.
OLT's Moodle Classroom is Updated to Moodle2

OLT began testing on Moodle2 as the new virtual classroom in 2012. By May 2013, all new students are being enrolled in Moodle2. Moodle2 offers many updates and fixes to problems that the frist generation of Moodle had.

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New Senior Suitability course approved.

Florida approves our new course, INSCE017 - "Senior Suitability - Annuity and Life Insurance Transactions for Seniors". Jeff King wrote the new course (INSCE017) based on the FLDFS updated course outline after the Florida Legislature passed bills with updates The old Senior Suitability course was grandfathered in after being updated.

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Florida approves courses with online finals.

Florida aproved two of OLT's revised courses: the INS005FL40 - "4-40/RCSR Designation Online Course" and the INS013FL40 - "3-20, 5-20, 6-20 ACA Designation Online Course." The approval of these courses allows our students to take the course final exam online instead of having to go to the college campus.

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OLT Launches Learn A Living™ Program - November 1, 2010

Customer focus is a key to any business success. To strengthen our support for our students, business partners, and education partners the Learn A Living program was instituted. This program is designed to match students to an industry and match an industry position to the student. By partnering with various business enterprises and education programs, OLT will enable students to participate in a customized plan to achieve their individual professional goals. We are not a government agency. We work with our students and business partners on an individual basis to ensure each gets optimum attention and maximum benefit. For mor information click here.
Global Learn Day XII - October 9, 2010

After a hiatus of three years, Global Learn Day was held once again in its traditional 24 hour around the clock format.

Dr. Terrence R. Redding, President of OnLine Training Institute and Redding College kicked off the event at 0:00 GMT (8:00 p.m. EDT) and presented his Keynote Address. He reiterated to importance of learning on a global scale and discussed the leaps and bounds in learning and technology that have occured providing humankind with the ability to solve many of the problems that have plagued the world. Other presentations from global contributors were broadcast during the event.

To see a review of the event click here.
OnLine Training, Inc. receives Redding College license, July 23, 2010

OLT received a license to operate Redding College from the Florida Department of Education's Commission on Independent Education  This is an essential step towards operating a college and being able to offer courses and curriculum leading to a degree from a higher education institution.

OLT has been operating OnLine Training Institute since 1997, creating and distributing courses world wide.  Our concentration has been in the area of continuing professional education within the financial services industry.  Under OLT Institute, we offer GED preparation courses, pre-licensing courses, continuing education courses, and more recently Traffic School, and home schooling programs.

Dr. Redding, the founder of OLT developed a taxonomy for conflict prevention in 2000 in which he identified the antecedents to war and argues that it is man’s best interest to prevent war by addressing the antecedents before war occurs. Please see https://oltraining.com/pba/taxonomyofconflict.pdf

The basic premise behind the Taxonomy for Conflict Prevention is that some level of conflict is normal as man strives to make the world he lives in and his living conditions more secure.  Further, that as man’s social structure has become more complex, the forms of conflict have also become more complex, and an increasing possibility has come to exist in which conflict avoidance or prevention is increasingly a common goal.

OLT initiated OLT College in 2004 in an effort to focus on the antecedents to  war and work towards making the world a better and safer place.  As the concept has matured, the theme for Redding  College has become one of addressing all issues associated with securing man’s future.

Individuals interested in becoming involved with Redding College should contact Dr. Richard Durr, durr@oltraining.com, for more information.

Why some programs grow while others fail, SALT 2010 Orlando, Florida, March 2010

This paper presentation addressed why some college continuing professional education programs are growing, while other programs are declining. Using quantitative data from course enrollments for the past six years as a quantitative measure of program growth, and a survey of staff and faculty supporting the programs, OnLine Training's institutional research component addressed the question.

OLT offers continuing professional education courses nation-wide and works with approximately 23 colleges providing online continuing professional education courses. Most of these courses are mandatory pre-licensing courses. OLT tracks course by course, and program by program enrollments. During this period of economic downturn OLT noted that some programs are growing rapidly, while at the same time other programs appear to be in decline. This research effort addresses the question, what factors are associated with program growth and what factors are associated with program decline. Eight growth factors were identified and sixteen decline factors were also identified.

The primary factors associated with growth appear to be attitudinal and personnel related. Those programs oriented on growth, which are actively managed, with a large product mix are enjoying strong growth. The factors associated with decline are a mix between institutional and a failure to understand the factors associated with maintaining a viable program. For more information please contact OLT at 561-283-0333.

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OLT is expanding.

OLT is looking for insurance and real estate agents in various states that have experience with teaching pre-licensing courses and would like to expand their skill set and start teaching insurance pre-licensing and continuing education courses online. We are also looking Authors/Instructors for Professional and Personal Development courses. For more information click here.

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OLT is expanding.

OLT is looking for insurance and real estate agents in various states that have experience with teaching pre-licensing courses and would like to expand their skill set and start teaching insurance pre-licensing and continuing education courses online. We are also looking Authors/Instructors for Professional and Personal Development courses. For more information click here.

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OLT announces a Joint Venture with MDMPA

Together they are offering two Real Estate Courses, RE003 Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Training Package (SAPL-1/FREC) , and RE004 Florida Real Estate Sales Associate State Exam Cram Course (FREC I/SAPL-I).
More OLT courses availble in Florida

The State of Florida approves OLT to provide INSCE009 Ethics and the Client as a 3 hr Intermediate Continuing Education course, October 3, 2007 through the Community Colleges' Consortium, CASEC (Continuing and Adult Education Standing Committee).
OnLine Training attends the FAIFA Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors meeting in Miami FL in July 2007.

Attending is Brad Weishaupt, Compliance Officer and Mary Elizabeth Hedglen, Marketing Coordinator.
New courses available.

OnLine Training begins a new line of Professional Development Courses with What You Say Before You Speak, by Lillian Bjorseth. Next will be a five-part series of courses on Networking.
Happy Birthday OLT

OnLine Training celebrates it's 10th Anniversary with a picnic, June 30, 2007.
OnLine Training attends the CASEC Continuing and Adult Education Standing Committee meeting in Sanibel Island, FL in June 2007.

Dr. Redding will demonstrate a course in our new virtual classroom platform, Moodle. Attending is Dr. Terrence Redding, President/CEO, Maria Torres-Arbona, Registrar/Office Manager, and Brad Weishaupt, Compliance Officer.
More OLT courses availble in Florida

The State of Florida approves OLT to provide INSCE007 Flood Insurance Concepts as a 3 hr Intermediate Continuing Education course, March 13, 2007 through the Community Colleges' Consortium, CASEC (Continuing and Adult Education Standing Committee).
More OLT courses availble in Texas

The State of Texas approves OLT to provide INSCE001 Elements of Life Insurance as a 14 hour Intermediate Continuing Education course, March 6, 2007.
OnLine Training attends PBAIFA

Palm Beach Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors - Held in March, attended by Brad Weishaupt, Compliance Officer, Mary Elizabeth Hedglen, Marketing Coordinator, and Tony Lofasso, Director of Insurance Training.
College Visits

OnLine Training visits Valencia and Seminole Community Colleges in February. Dr. Terrence Redding, President/CEO, Maria Torres-Arbona, Registrar/Office Manager, Brad Weishaupt, Compliance Officer, and Tony Lofasso, Director of Insurance Training.
OLT approved in Maryland

The State of Maryland in January approves OLT to provide seven new Continuing Education courses: INSCE002 Fundamentals of Health Insurance, INSCE004 Ethics in the Insurance Industry, INSCE005 Health Savings Accounts, INSCE006 State Regulations, INSCE007 Flood Insurance Concepts, INSCE008 Hurricanes & Impact on Insurance, and INSCE009 Ethics and the Client.

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Promotions and appointments.

Jack Rotzien is promoted to Vice President for Insurance Training. Tony Lofasso is appointed as new Director of Insurance. Brad Weishaupt is hired as OLT's new Compliance Manager and Provost of Redding College.
Redding Observatory

Dr. Redding established a relationship with a number of online astronomical groups in an effort to become current in the field and lay a foundation upon which OLT will be able to develop a robotics controlled observatory for Redding College. This has led to the initial conceptual development of Redding Observatory, which will be a research quality facility available for lease in support of ongoing research and new research grants, world-wide.
K through Grey

The Basic Adult Education program is moved under the auspices of the college. Courses are updated and moved into Moodle. OLT is envisioning eventually developing a complete "K through Grey" offering of courses for all ages.
OLT's Moodle Classroom

OLT begins use of Moodle as a virtual classroom, allowing a much improved presentation of courses. Built on MySQL and PHP, it allows better use of automation in many aspects of the course.
Priming your student for learning.

The material on priming students for learning is formalized and published in several peer-reviewed settings, such as the International Self-Directed Learning Symposium in Cocoa Beach, FL, and the Society for Applied Learning Technology in Arlington, VA.
Jack Rotzien, Joan Villari, and Mary Elizabeth Hedglen attended the 2006 Educational Symposium for Financial Planners in West Palm Beach, Florida.

While there they provided information to prospective online instructors. The primary purpose of attending was to attract course authors and instructors for new Continuing Education Courses.  If you are interested in becoming an author or instructor at OLT, please contact us by writing to admin@oltraining.com.

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Redding College

The staff and faculty of OLT College petition the OLT Board to rename the collegiate section of OnLine Training. After a vote by the staff, faculty and stockholders, the OLT Board finalized the name change to Redding College.
Promotions and appointments.

Terrence R. Redding, Jr. (T.J.) is hired as Technology Assistant, also helping in audio production, registrar duties, and technological support.

Max Combs is hired as OLT's Educational Technologist.
OLT hosts the International Debate on USA and European Relations.
Dr. Redding begins a new research program.

His research focus is on developing the concept associated with priming students for learning. After finishing this research he plans to share it with the Florida Community Colleges as OLT visits their campuses.
CBT Updates

CBT underwent a major revision of code.

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Washington Technologies Conference

Dr. Redding presents an abstract entitled, Eleven Factors to Consider: Creating Online Asynchronous Courses Which are Highly Effective: The OnLine Training Model" at the Society for Applied Learning Technology conference at the Washington Technologies Conference in Arlington, VA.
Colette Mazzucelli, founding faculty member and Provost, OLT College, attended the Rotary World Peace Scholar seminars at Sciences Po, Paris, on 24 May and International Christian University, Tokyo, on 29 May.

In Tokyo, Mazzucelli participated in meetings at the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP) and the United Nations University Media Studio.
Colette Mazzucelli, founding faculty member and Provost, OLT College, recently served as an external reviewer for Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE), an online peer-reviewed journal at Teachers College, Columbia University.

An Ed.M. candidate in International Educational Development at Teachers College, she contributed to a volume of Columbia University Graduate Student Research, Education in Emergencies & Post-Conflict Situations, Problems, Responses, Possibilities, (web link forthcoming) with an article titled "Rewriting History: The Impact of Post-Conflict Education on Nationalist Ideology in Serbia." Mazzucelli received her Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown University in 1996 and an M.A.L.D. from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, in 1987.
Enes Osmancevic, M.A. joins OLT College founding faculty.

Osmancevic is ABD in his doctoral studies, a Junior Fulbright (Junior Faculty Development Program) at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN, and committed to distance education. A graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo, his Master thesis was on the Influence of Internet Communications on Forming of Public Opinion in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His dissertation has just passed the Senate of the University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and will address Web Information and Democratic Communicating.
Jack Rotzien, CLU, Director of Insurance Training at OLT honored at Palm Beach Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

At a recent Awards luncheon for the Palm Beach Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors OLT's Director of Insurance Training was recognized for contributing to the development of people within the insurance industry. The recipient of the coveted "Agent of the Year" award mentioned the importance of having mentors when one enters the insurance field. He honored Jack Rotzien CLU, by recognizing him as one of his early valued mentors.
Transatlantic Week TIESWeb Congress 2004

Colette Mazzucelli, member and Provost of the founding faculty at OLT College will speak at the Transatlantic Week TIESWeb Congress 2004, to be held in Miami Beach, Florida April 26-30, 2004.
Transatlantic Week TIESWeb Congress 2004

Larissa Chuprina, member of the founding faculty at OLT College will speak at the Transatlantic Week TIESWeb Congress 2004, to be held in Miami Beach, Florida April 26-30, 2004.
Dr. Colette Mazzucelli presents Keynote at Pan Pacific Distance Learning Association's (PPDLA) 16th Annual Conference

"Distance Learning: Pathways to Cultures and People", Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Mazzucelli is the one of the newest members of the OLT faculty. She is leading the effort to establish OLT's online college.
Two Fulbright scholars have joined OLT to form OLT College.

The initial effort will focus on International Management, Multicultural Exchanges, Conflict Prevention: as a way to prevent international conflict, and AIDS awareness. Workshops, and for credit college courses will be offered at a wide variety of levels - through post-doctoral studies. This is OLT's first venture in offering for credit courses. Colleges interested in carrying these courses and becoming OLT partners, please contact OLT by clicking here. OLT College initial web pages, click here.

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New book is released.

Dr. Terrence Redding, CEO, of OLT published a chapter in Preparing Your Learners for My e-Learning: An e-Learner Vendor's Point of View , George Piskurich, editor. Jossey Bass, publisher.
OnLine Training President/CEO completes 100 mile canoe trip through the Florida Everglades Wilderness Waterway, Everglades National Park.

Every man who rises above the common level has received two educations: the first from his teachers; the second, more personal and important, from himself. -- Edward Gibbon, 1923
New virtual classroom for OLT students.

CBT was designed and built by OLT as a virtual classroom for presenting courses.

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OLT presents twice at AAACE in St. Louis, Missouri: Managing a Distance Continuing Professional Education Program, and Taxonomy of Conflict Prevention - Managing a Distance Continuing Professional Education Program.

This peer reviewed presentation discusses management of a CPE program from three perspectives, the administration, the student, and the instructors point of view. Topics included are types of program structure, screening and preparing students for online instruction, setting proper expectations, and valuing the course from the student's perspective.

The second paper presentation addresses conflict prevention. This paper presentation entitled Taxonomy of Conflict Prevention takes the position that conflict is normal, at some level. Further, it argues that the absence of conflict is abnormal and waiting until conflict breaks out is a poor approach to preventing war. This paper identifies antecedents to conflict and provides a simple framework for identifying when the potential for open conflict is high.

German Adult Learning and Development Journal Published an Article on Global Learn Day, written by OLT CEO Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D. - in three languages - Global Learn Day, a 24-Hour Celebration of Distance Education and Technology.

The Internet is making new forms of learning possible. An annual “Global Learn Day” has been held for some years. This “Celebration of -Distance Education and Technology”, held worldwide over a period of 24 hours each year, is attracting more participants every year. Global Learn Day is sponsored by the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education.
May 2002 - 200 hour Property and Casualty Course Approved by the Florida Department of Insurance.

Broward Community College, in conjunction with OnLine Training, has received approval from the Florida Department of Insurance to offer the 200 hour General Agents course online. Sandra King, Director of Marketing, OLT stated that the 100 and 40 hour Customer Service courses will be available online later this year.
OnLine Training releases 28 hours of online continuing education courses for Florida Life, Health and Variable Annuity agents through Florida community colleges.

The Florida Consortia of Community College Providers of Continuing Education for the Insurance industry received approval to deliver two online 14 hour continuing education courses for the insurance industry. The first is a 14 hour intermediate level Life course. The second is a 14 hour intermediate level course for Health. The suggested price is based on $6 per hour. These courses will be offered this summer by the member colleges of the Florida Consortia.

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Practice Exam Generator Released

Online Training has released a new line of online test preparation tools designed to provide students with an unlimited number of practice exams. The first practice examination course is for Life, Health, and Variable Annuity students making final preparation to sit for the State licensing examination. Drawing from a pool of over 1,500 questions, the Life, Health, and Variable Annuities Practice Exam Generator permits the student to generate an unlimited number of practice exams during the 30 days they have access to the course. Each time the Exam Generator is used, it provides the student with a completely new online exam. The exams are self-grading, reporting the student's cumulative grade each time they select a right answer. The Exam Generator is completely online, completely cross-platform, and can be used with any Java enabled browser. There is no software to download or install.
HorizonLive Desktop Lecture Series, by Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D.

Distance Education students, to day, are different. 100 years ago distance education students were enrolled in correspondence courses. 50 years ago some distance education students relied on radio broadcasts. 10 years ago distance education students were enrolled in courses that were television based. Today, all of the above methods of delivery are in use. But, we also have the emerging distance education student who studies exclusively online via the Internet. This student can best be thought of as a Third Wave, or High Self-Directed Learner student.
OLT Course Developement System Featured at SALT 2001 Educational Technology Conference, Arlington, VA.

Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., lead instructional designer for OLT presented a research paper on developing highly effective distance education courses to the Society of Applied Learning Technology 2001 Educational Technology Conference. Entitled "An Iterative Method for Planning, Developing, and Presenting Effective Online Courses, Dr. Redding's paper was well received by the 60 + participants who attended his session.
Recent Power Outage Forces Online Students to Relocate.

OLT's online insurance pre-licensing students never visit OLT's corporate headquarters, that is until now. When a recent area wide power outage hit Lake Worth, Florida, their instructor and author of the 2-15 Life, Health, and Annuities online pre-licensing course had a problem. Notified just 15 minutes before the start of the Class, Jack decided to go to the campus to let the students know what happened. When he got there he discovered six students, some had traveled a long distance and another two were going to be out of Florida for the next few weeks and would not be available for a make-up class for more then a month, were anxious to have a class. Jack had a problem. Where could he find a lighted classroom on such short notice? Click here to see what he did!
OLT to Support Brevard Community College FIPSE Grant

Brevard Community College has been awarded a FIPSE grant to study ways to increase the retention of distance education students in for credit courses.
15th International Self-Directed Learning Symposium 2001

Assessing the Impact of Notions Associated with Self-Directed Learning on a Nation, was the topic selected by OLT's founder, Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D. for the 15th International Self-Directed Learning Symposium held in Boynton Beach, Florida
GED cpurses are now avalilable in Texas

College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas is the first college to offer OLT's GED preparation course series. They are designed meet the needs of students who might other wise not be able to pursue a GED because of accessibility issues.

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AAACE presentations, Providence, Rhode Island, November 13, 2000

Dr. Terrence R. Redding makes two presentations at the American Association of Adult Continuing Education, High Self-Directed Learning: A National Imperative? and, Twelve Schools of Marketing and their Application to Adult and Higher Education
ALT School Program opens at OnLine Training Institute, May 2000

Carlene Dixon joins OnLine Training Institute as the Coordinator of Alternative Schools Program at OLT. The Alternatives Schools Program will be an extension of OLT's Basic Adult Education GED program. The Alternative Schools Program will focus on students 18 and under who live at home and are looking for an alternative path to complete high school.
OnLine Training Institute invited to participate in Society for Applied Learning Technology, Education Technology 2000.

Dr. Terrence R. Redding will present a research paper describing the instructional design of OLT's insurance pre-licensing course. Key points will include the interactive nature of the course and understanding the underlying educational theory which supports high cognitive learning outcomes from the instructional design model.
OnLine Training CEO, Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., presents "A Comparative Analysis of Insurance OnLine SDL with Traditional Classroom Learning" at the 14th International Symposium on Self-Directed Learning, Boynton Beach, Florida, February 2000.

This research paper provides a comparative analysis of the cognitive learning outcomes of three traditional insurance pre-licensing courses to the same course delivered online. The three traditional courses produced end of course grade point averages of 71%, 80%, and 81%. The online course, evaluated under exactly the same conditions, produced a grade point average of 92.37%. Additionally, the online course demonstrated greater internal consistency, and higher cognitive learning outcomes, in each of the three areas measured: health, life, and annuities. The online pre-licensing course is offered by Florida Community Colleges as a non-credit distance education course. It fully satisfies the 40 hour in the classroom pre-licensing course requirement. Students completing this course are certified to take the Florida 2-15 examination. This year the course will be available in all parts of the state through Florida State Community Colleges.
OnLine Training forms OnLine Training Institute, January 2000

Responding to increasing market pressures, OLT formed OnLine Training Institute. OnLine Training Institute will function as the non-credit education component of OLT's growing educational enterprise. OnLine Training Institute will initially service partner higher education institutions (junior colleges, community colleges, colleges, and universities) which seek to offer high quality distance education products prepared especially for the online continuing and professional education market. OLT will sell continue to sell courses directly to the public, while also seeking opportunity to distribute similar courses through higher education institutions.

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Join OnLine Training, the Benjamin Franklin Institute, SeeItFirst.com, and HearMe welcome the New Year!

The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education is sponsoring a New Years Eve party - on the web - that will follow the beginning of the new year as it progresses around the world. Featuring video clips from around the world, and using HearMe Internet audio technology, and OLT chat the Benjamin Franklin Institute has provided a fully interactive environment that allows participants to speak to each with voice chat, or text chat and see the sites of more then 24 locations a round the world. This unique Cyber New Years Eve party follows the New Year and it progresses from the International Date Line in the Pacific, time zone by time zone, all the way around the world.
News from OLT WEST

Charlotte Ferrell, of OLT West in Los Angeles, will be attending the prestigious two day intensive course on Charitable Remainder Trusts and Estate Planning offered by Mid American University in Scottsdale, Arizona. She will be there November 15-16, 1999.
Palm Beach Community College System Graduates its first two classes of 2-15 Insurance Agent Licensing Students Trained Completely online.

October 30, 1999 marked the day the second group of online students completed Palm Beach Community College System's completely online Insurance Agent Training program in Life, Health, and Variable Annuities. This is a 40 hour class normally offered only in a classroom setting. Jack Rotzien, CLU, of OLT has developed an online version that permits student to study from where ever they have access to the Internet, when ever they wish. He communicates with students via online chat sessions, E-Mail, FAX, and by phone. Students completing the pre-licensing course must pass a final examination given by a test proctor at the college. The traditional students average 85% on the final examination. The online students averaged a surprisingly high 94.75%.
OnLine Training, Inc.'s CEO/President has been appointed to the Editorial Board for the Technology Source, a periodical published online at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The Technology Source, an on-line bimonthly, is a forum for faculty members and administrators to share their experiences integrating technology in their organizations and into their curricula. Sponsored by SCT, Microsoft, Compaq, and CBT Systems, the periodical focuses on integrating technology in educational organizations. Originally developed March 1997 on the Microsoft Higher Education Web site, the periodical moved to the Horizon Web site July 1998 with an expanded scope to include articles that relate to K-12 schools and to other educational providers; developments in each educational sector can inform developments in other sectors. Every issue features discussions, case studies, relevant research, articles, surveys and solutions for integrating technology into academic organizations.
OnLine Training to web cast "International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program" a series of 14 transatlantic discussions to be web cast "Live" beginning September 7, 1999.

This program is entitled Contending Approaches to International Peace and Conflict Resolution: "The Kosovo Conflict" - An Online Seminar Bridging the Atlantic. The program will be conducted by Dr. Colette Mazzucelli of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program, Beaver College, Philadelphia. It will be conducted in partnership with the Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP), Munich, Germany. This program has been established with the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Stuttgart, Germany. Sponsor of The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program for Future American Leaders.
OnLine Training Produces the Prelude to Global Learn Day III.

Sandra Cole and Dr. Redding at OLT, using technology first developed by Dr. Roger Boston of the Houston Community College System, have developed a unique collage of side scrolling images from around the world with embedded sound. The presentation has been selected by the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education as its featured prelude to the Global Learn Day. It is being featured in the Houston Community College faculty develop program this week. It has also been featured at mybytes.com, @school, Political Science section as an example associated with globalization through global learning.
OLT Property and Casualty Cram Course - beta - released, June 1999.

OnLine Training, Inc. announced today that it is releasing the beta version of its new Property and Casualty Cram Course. The P&C course covers the material associated with both the 200 hour General Lines Insurance Examination, and the material associated with the 100 hour Customer Representative Examination. State insurance examinations are designed to provide a 70% pass rate. However, the pass rate for Property and Casualty examinations appears to be much lower. Using the method devised by OLT - based on the behavioral sciences, our cognitive learning model (the Redding Method) produces a pass rate of 97% in the Life, Health and Annuities area. We expect similar results in P&C.
OLT Reseller Program Launched - May 1999

OLT is actively building an organization of online training resellers - worldwide. Commission rates are graduated from 5 % through 100 % on selected courses. There are specific programs for individuals, instructors, schools, and colleges. Initially, online cram courses using the Redding Method will be distributed through the reseller program. Additionally, OLT's Basic Adult Education GED preparation program is being modified for delivery through college learning labs, and community Work Force Development programs. All of which can be sold by resellers.
GED/PreCollege Courses

OLT is actively working to develop a national distribution system with Universities, Colleges, School Boards and other educational institutions to offer our online GED program using our technology and support to provide access to education to the largest number of students possible. This Program is being developed to assist Educational Institutions who would like to offer GED and Pre College courses to their students online. Your Institution can partner with OLT.
Redding to deliver keynote address at the Iowa Distance Learning Association's Iowa Connections: Partnership for the Future - Joint Conference - April 28, 1999.

This is a joint distance education conference sponsored by The Iowa Association for Communications (IACT), Iowa Distance Learning Association (IDLA), and the Iowa Research and Education Network (IREN).
"High Self-Directed Learning: A National Imperative"

Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D. presented the above paper at the 13th International Self-Directed Learning Symposium.

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Pre-college courses now available through OnLine Training.

OnLine Training in conjunction with H&H Publishing offer college preparation courses online -- Florida Community College students have new choices for overcoming academic weaknesses. The options are described in House Bill 4259, passed May 1, 1998, with unanimous approval from both chambers of the Florida Legislature.

Previously, new students to the community college system were required to take remedial courses when their placement test scores indicated areas of academic weakness. Now those students will be given a list of options to consider in overcoming those weaknesses. The new legislation directs Florida community colleges to notify students of other possibilities besides their own campus programs, including those offered by private-sector for profit companies. Students who choose options outside the community college are still assured the right to enroll in other college-level courses under the same conditions as those who sign up for remedial classes.

By giving students an informed right to choose other methods of remediation, the State Legislature places the community colleges in competition with other instructional providers. Students can weigh the costs, effectiveness of instruction, time/effort required, and all other factors when making a choice that will have major, long-range effects on their academic ambitions.
News Release from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education - November 3, 1998

Organizers of Global Learn Day II, to begin Saturday, 7 November at 4:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (GMT 00:01 Sunday 8 November) announced today that OnLine Training, Inc., has become a Platinum Sponsor to this worldwide event.

According to John Hibbs, "Captain" of the GLDII Clipper, "OnLine Training has provided cash, human resources and technical support that exceeds $100,000, making OLT the first company to meet our Platinum threshold requirement. OnLine Training may be a small company in terms of employees or revenues, but its ability to perform the kind of technical and management resources necessary to manage an event that brings together in real time presenters from every corner of the globe could not be duplicated by *any* firm we know." Global Learn Day II is a 30 hour non-stop web cast that will make "stops" in 23 "Harbors" and 12 "Skiff Coves", where leaders in technology and distance education have gathered for this extravaganza.

Online Training is headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida. More details about the Company can be found at: https://oltraining.com

John W. Hibbs
Director, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education
OLT.NET - OnLine Training adds a full array of internet technology services to its portfolio.

OnLine Training, Inc. has a technology division known as olt.net. This month we launch our technology services division with an agreement with a nationally recognized Internet Point of Presence services company. This collaboration will provide OnLine Training with ready access to the latest Internet Technologies with which we will be able to support online educational activities and a full list of additional services, which include web broadcasting, web magazine hosting, and web hosting. Our first two clients have already joined the growing list OLT corporate clients. They are Boomer Times and Senior Life of Boynton Beach, Florida and Adoption Solutions, of Heidelberg, Germany.
Dr. Redding has just completed a series of Adult Learning seminars for the University of Oklahoma.

OnLine Training will begin offering a series of workshops for educators and corporate trainers to expose them to notions associated with self-directed learning. Change is occurring at an ever increasing pace. Educators and corporate trainers recognize the importance of staying current. This means that individuals must engage in lifelong learning after completing their formal education. Redding has been conducting and reporting on research associated with how self-directed learning readiness is developed. For more information please contact admin@oltraining.com.
Access to Education: Global Learn Day, by Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D.

An article accepted by On the Horizon, an online Technology journal sponsored by Microsoft and Jose-Bass with a circulation of 140,000. The article will be featured in the September edition. You can find On the Horizon at http://technologysource.org.

No learning environment is ideal for all potential participants. Some individuals will find they are at a distinct disadvantage in one environment, while in another their disadvantages may disappear. Access for some may be restricted to distance education via the internet. Online education has been viewed by many as second best as noted by John Hibbs, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education, in his May 1998 presentation to the Houston Rotary, Houston, Texas. It seems obvious, the instructor and the student seem to be isolated, separate from one another. Face to face communications are not possible.
April 24, 1998

The first student enrolls in an OnLine Training Insurance course, the Life and Health Cramcourse (later called PassPrep).
Insurance Agent online Cram Course and Tutor - National Release.

OnLine Training, Inc. has released in generic Insurance Agent License Preparation Cram Course. This course is primarily designed for students who have completed a state approved pre-licensing course for Life, Health and Annuities. The course uses the Redding Method to increase the students speed of learning and retention through an educational psychology behavioral science methodology design. The Redding method combines structured learning, various modalities of learning, adult motivation theory, and adult learning theory in a completely online interactive learning environment. The student is exposed to only correct information. Cognitive links are shortened and actively reinforced through this online learning experience.
Glenn Pate, CPA has joined OnLine Training.

Mr. Pate will begin developing online training courses in the Accounting field specifically for online delivery.
Charles Lester, Ph.D. has joined OnLine Training.

Dr. Lester will begin developing online training courses in the Communications field specifically for online delivery.
Global Learn Day II - Access to the world of distance education.

Hosting sites for GLD2 are being sought. If you have access to the world wide web and would like to see others gain access and learn about distance education, consider volunteering to be a GLD2 hosting site. OnLine Training has volunteered to be a host and to maintain the list of hosting sites.
OnLine Training, Inc. Approved in California.

Maria Gonzalez announced March 30, 1998 that OnLine Training, Inc. was approved as an educational provider for the insurance industry in the state of California. OLT has been in contact with all 50 states. California is the second state, following Florida, to approve OLT as an educational provider.
March 17, 1998

First GED Student enrolls in an OnLine Training course, the Basic Education Writing course.
Jack Rotzien - Insurance License Cram Course Release in beta - March 1998

OLT is proud to announce it's beta release of Health, Life and Annuities series cram courses. If you are preparing to take you state Health, Life or Annuities licensing exam these courses are for you.
Dr. Terrence R. Redding - Research paper selected by ERIC - March 1998

Dr. Redding's research paper "Training in Technology for Late Adopters: Learning in Retirement, Computers for Seniors" has been selected for inclusion in the ERIC database by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education.
Countdown To Global Learn Day II, October 10-11, 1998

This is the most exciting and informative conference of its kind on the planet today. Last year OLT participated in the first Global Learn Day. It forever changed our view of conferencing. From our new corporate offices in West Palm Beach, Florida we were able to learn about and then participate in Global Learn Day, all in less time than it would have taken to travel to the nearest conference site. During one brief day we were able to listen to and interact with others involved in the exciting new technology associated with education and training delivered over the internet. We were honored to make a brief presentation, summarizing our impressions of this first of a kind event.

Using the technology of streaming audio, one way video, and Java Chat we met and spoke with literally hundreds of individuals located all over the world who both presented and participated in the inaugural event.
The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education is proud to announce plans for Global Learn Day II

A free on-line Worldwide Distance Learning Celebration that will be held on all five continents on Columbus Day Weekend, 1998.

After completing their maiden voyage on Columbus Day, 1997, They are anticipating a blockbuster event this year, show casing the latest technology and addressing the broad questions confronting the changing world of education.

THEME:  A Return Voyage to the New World of Distance Education and all of Its Promise.

WHEN:  Columbus Day Weekend, October 9- Admiral's Party, New York

Launch:  00:00 Greenwich Mean Time, Saturday October 10

WHICH IS EQUIVALENT TO THESE TIMES:  In New York, 19:00 hours (7pm Friday, October 9)
In San Diego, 16:00 hours (4pm Friday, October 9)
Basic Education and Literacy Courses - January 1998

OnLine Training, Inc. began beta testing the online Basic Education courses. If you have an interest in participating in the beta test please contact us. These courses are designed to be sold to individuals, organizations and institutions. The courses are guided learning educational experiences. Students participate online. The location and time of participation is completely up to the student.
Orlando Multimedia `98 - February 18-20, Hyatt Orlando Hotel, Kissimmee, Florida

Sponsored by the Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT). The 16th annual conference and exhibition on "Interactive Instruction Delivery and Distance Learning Systems. This conference will feature presentations on:

  • Distance Learning and Telecommunications.
  • Internet Applications
  • Interactive Instructional Materials Development
  • Industrial and Management Training
  • University and Public Education
  • Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)
  • Legal and Technology Issues
Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., founder of OnLine Training, Inc. will present a research paper on Education and Training. The title of his presentation will be "Training in Technology for Late Adopters: Learning in Retirement, Computers for Seniors."
12th International Symposium on Self-Directed Learning - February 19-22, 1998, Radisson Resort Parkway, Kissimmee, Florida

Approximately 50 of the world's leading experts on self-directed learning in business and industry, education and other sectors will lead a variety of sessions on one of the most stimulating and productive learning concepts of the century. Representatives of several high tech business areas will make presentations. Researchers and practitioners will lead discussions of self-directed learning in business, elementary through graduate education, health, leadership and other topics.

Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., will present a research paper on the relationship between historical events and the development of High Self-Directedness in learning. It is Dr. Redding's belief that self-directed learning, the learning that individuals engage in through their own choosing, will become increasingly important in the 21st century. Further, Dr. Redding believes parents and educators can have a positive impact on the development of High Self-Directed Learning Readiness in children by management the learning environment.
Computer Training with OLT

January 15, 1998 marked computer training by OnLine Training, Inc. OLT's computer courses are specifically designed for late adopters of technology. A late adopter of technology, in terms of computer training, is defined as some one who wants to learn to use a computer, but previously chose not to learn to use a computer. Our computer courses are founded on adult learning theory, adult motivational theory and notions associated with self-directed learning. These courses are delivered on site in private clubs, here in the Palm Beaches of Florida.

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