All of OLT's demonstrations for our Life & Health Insurance courses can be found here.

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This course has been designed to help the student pass their state licensing exam for Life & Health, Life, Accident & Health, or Life, Health & Annuities. The design of the course helps the students study and build confidence for their examination. It uses a question and answer model unique to OLT that provides students only with correct information. The course also includes a course map to help the student navigate through it. This course can be used by students in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. If the student lives in a state that requires a pre-licensing course before examination, that course should be completed prior to purchasing this Pass Prep.

The Life, Health & Annuity Practice Exam Generator is used to help potential agents prepare for their state licensing exam. This course uses a question and answer format that helps students retain information in their short term memory.

Practice Exam Generators, Matching, puzzles and fill-in-the-blank exercises to help study topics related to Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Annuities.

This course is structured with the right content, delivered in small quantities, with learning assured through frequent fill-in-the-blank questions, elements of information emphasized, and instructor guided learning. Several tools are provided to make your learning straightforward and comprehensive.

Your course contains Lessons, Quizzes, and Final Exams. Lessons are not graded, the grade shown is for your information only. Lessons should be repeated as often as possible until you are confident you know the material. There is one Quiz per chapter. Quizzes combined together are worth 20% of your final grade, and you should have at least a 70% score on them. We encourage you to attempt the quizzes as many times as you wish. Your highest score will be used. Ideally, you should only take each Final Exam 1 time, right after you finish studying the content it covers. However, if you don't score at least a 70% you should restudy the content and then take the test a second time.

Important Note: By taking this online course, you have agreed to acknowledge the understanding that the online course testing must be completed unassisted by any person, the course material or other material.